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Angel Links

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2.242 out of 5 from 625 votes
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Sixteen-year-old Meifon Li runs the security company Angel Links – an organization hired to protect cargo ships from space pirates. However, Angel Links is no ordinary security company: it provides its services for free! With the help of Taffei, a cat-like creature who transforms into Meifon’s sword; second-in-command Kosei; top strategist Valeria; the mighty Dragonite warrior Duuz; and the Links Cannon, a weapon capable of destroying any ship in sight; Meifon proves that defeating bothersome pirates is child’s play. Defending the galaxy from pirates isn’t the only thing on Meifon’s mind, however; she must also uncover a dark secret from her family’s past and discover the truth behind her strange memories...

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Name Role
Yuji YAMAGUCHI Director
Toshihiko SAHASHI Music

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Main Characters

Meifon LI image Meifon LI


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Secondary Characters

Duuz Delax REX image Duuz Delax REX


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Title Author Score Date
Angel Links roriconfan 3/10 Mar 28, 2012
List Title Username Entries Date
DVD/BD Watching Backlog calaggie 74 Apr 8, 2014
anime order 10th rounds YamiRin 1136 Jan 20, 2014
Watched YukiHime13 25 Jun 24, 2013
Post Name Username Comments Date
I miss the boobs in space tag chii 2 Mar 9, 11
hjay25 removed the Angel Links anime from their anime list
hjay25 wants to watch Angel Links
KuroKami69 rated the Angel Links anime 3/5 stars
KuroKami69 watched Angel Links at 13 of 13 episodes
jojovonjo wants to watch Angel Links

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Irresponsible Captain Tylor

Irresponsible Captain Tylor

The future of humanity is in peril, as they are confronted with the threat of an intergalactic clash with a warrior-like alien race, and the only one who can save them is... Captain Tylor?! Join a crew of misfits and rejects including an alcoholic doctor, a gorgeous nurse, an anal-retentive commander and a bunch of really stupid marines as they try to make it out in space and to discover whether their captain is a misunderstood genius or a total moron like he seems to be.

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  Both are space faring, ship to ship beams flying, space shows, set on rather large destroyer/battleship sized vessels, with large unique crews.

both have a central lead person,   Meifon in Angel, Tylor on the other.

 Tylor is a slightly more comic fare, relying on more moments of pure humor.  Tylor does have some serious elements, especially toward the end.

So if you liked Angel Links, you might just like Irresponsible Capitan Tylor 

Outlaw Star

Outlaw Star

Gene Starwind and Jim Hawkins make a living on various jobs and bounties. While waiting for their ticket to hit it big time, a mysterious woman named Hilda leaves them with a key to the puzzle of finding a starship of great power, known only as the Outlaw Star. What are these long lost spaceships and what is the Galactic Leyline?

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Set in the same universe, Angel Links and Outlaw Star are action-packed sci-fi anime brimming with space pirates, grappler ship fights, and that old school anime feel. Fans of Outlaw Star are sure to enjoy a trip back to the Outlaw Star galaxy, and those who watched Angel Links will love seeing the anime that started it all.