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Angel Densetsu

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3.677 out of 5 from 719 votes
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What is Seiichirou Kitano, a boy with the heart of an angel and the face of a devil, supposed to do when he starts his new life as a first year high school student? Accidently defeat the school "guardian" and become the most famous and feared gang leader in the town, of course! With his "henchmen" Kuroda and Takehisa in tow, Kitano turns a simple act of good will into an all-out war with Hakuun High!

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related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Angel Densetsu 1992 Original Manga
Name Role
Naoyuki ITOU Character Design
Yukio KAIZAWA Director
Norihiro YAGI Original Manga Creator

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Title Author Score Date
Angel Densetsu MikeSinner 7/10 Jul 31, 2011
Angel Densetsu Alistoru 4/10 Dec 29, 2010
Post Name Username Comments Date
Must....find....more....ANIME! GroaningHappily 2 Jun 11, 10
bigfreddy wants to watch Angel Densetsu
OnyxKat rated the Angel Densetsu anime 3.5/5 stars
OnyxKat watched Angel Densetsu at 2 of 2 episodes
Winnie watched Angel Densetsu at 2 of 2 episodes
NipponExKira rated the Angel Densetsu anime 4/5 stars

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Detroit Metal City

Detroit Metal City
  • OVA (12 eps x 13 min)
  • 2008

Negishi Souichi always dreamed of joining a trendy pop band, so that he could perform music like that of his idol, Kahimi Karie. In order to realize his dream, he decided to leave the country side and his loving parents to study in Tokyo. And after graduating, he does manage to join a band... but not the kind he was expecting! As lead singer of the death metal band Detroit Metal City, under the stage name Krauser II, he is made to perform loud songs filled with obscene lyrics - a far cry from the songs he used to write in school. But despite the fact that Negishi hates DMC's music, the Krauser side of him will do anything to put on a good show for his fans... even if it means making Negishi's life a misery!

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I dont know why, buy i sense its same way of humor....Well quite different debth...but...look for yourselfs...:D


Both anime are about kind boys but their looks get them the evil stare from all around them that disaprove. Detroit Metal City honestly though the kind boy dresses the part as a metal singer that is over the top "evil" where in Angel Densetsu he's just got a really mean face and scares everyone around him. Both are quite hilarious so check one out if you enjoyed the other.


Very similar humor and despite both anime being more than 10 years apart, I thought their animation resemble each other a lot. Negishi and Seiichirou are very kind, good-willed and pure-hearted characters, but they have another side.. where they look as nothing but demons.

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Cromartie High School

Cromartie High School

At Cromartie High, it’s tough being a delinquent -- a fact that do-gooder Takashi Kamiyama intimately understands. When he’s not engaging in contests of strength and rival gang wars, Kamiyama can also be found submitting punny jokes and planning his own rise to fame within the delinquents’ ranks, and that’s just the beginning! With friends like robotic Mechazawa, a giant gorilla, a hairy man from the 80s named Freddie and a clan of delinquents with mohawks that flow in the wind, how can anyone not enjoy high school?

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Both anime have pretty strange characters that get into trouble in hilarious ways. Cromartie High School is much much more random with the comedy where Angel Densetsu focuses on one aspect being the main characters face. This is kind of coming from my gut here but I think if one was liked for the humour the other will be too.


High school delinquents, crazy humor and logic, more so in Cromartie High School. Takashi and Seiichirou, our main protagonists, both are the good guys on the inside, but their actions sometimes leads them to be the most badasses of all the badasses, except Seiichirou can't do nothing about it.. But I'm sure if you liked one, you're going to enjoy the other.



Ryuuji Takasu has an eventful life: his classmates think he's a delinquent due to his 'killer' eyes; his crush Minori seems ever out of reach; and he’s just had an unfortunate encounter with 'palm-sized Taiga' – a feisty and dainty wench in his class. With different cleaning habits and tempers, the two clash like night and day; that is, except for the fact that Taiga and Ryuuji have crushes on the other's good friend! With school rumors abounding, the duo must now work together to play matchmaker for each other. Who will end up with their true love?

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the main character has a look completely opposite of his real nature, and though he tries to do good he is often misunderstood, sure the themes of the animes are different but i enjoyed both of them greatly.