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Custom Lists

Musicby SoraSama

Titles with good/enjoyable music, arranged in alphabetical order.

Best anime of me xDby shameoffame

Include some OVA and some of those anime have ecchi n harem genre but still the best with cool male main char and some of this are tragedy

Tearsby SoraSama

Titles that made or nearly made me shed tears, in other words "cry", for various reasons, arranged in order seen.

Favorite showsby MajorFailage

these be my favorites

Top Anime In Orderby AKATheGoon

This List Is Going To Be About My Top Anime. I Only Put One Down But It Goes For The Entire Series.

My Top Alphabet Series (A)by KittySisters

All the anime I like with the letter A

my top 10by Gielie

10 anime that changes the way I think (sorry if I make spelling mistakes)