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Custom Lists

Personal favouritesby beforeitfades

My favourite anime or the ones I consider worth watching πŸ˜€ (in to particular order)

My Personal Anime Collection 2015by Nerdlinger

This is a list of all Anime movies, OVAs, incomplete and complete series I own.

Top 25 Anime NOT IN ORDER!by Dragonblade

The Top 25 Anime in my opinion, you should watch these or must have heard of them... These are anime genres of all types so everyone can get something here...

β™‘MY TOP ANIMEβ™‘by Aniyahchan4

β€β“œβ“¨ ⓕⓐβ“₯β“žβ“‘β“˜β“£β“” ⒢ⓃⒾⓂⒺ ๏f all β“£β“˜β“œβ“”β€ In order! ❀

Jess's Trash Listby mmeagan

Please watch these wonderfully quality animes and then cry about your lyfe. Made this list for my friend, but it is a wonderful selection of animu for the veteran and newer fan alike.