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Actionby narutolover14

All the shounen/seinen that I have watching,am currently watching,and or want to watch.

Feel Listby Reactorkid

Well I just added all the animes that gave me feels or made me cry here o3o/ or just a beautiful story~

Personal Top 5 Do Not Watch Listby Kirito1997

Personal Top 5 Do Not Watch List so here it is.

Series Rankingby Spoonunit

My best effort of ranking all t.v. and ova series that I have watched

Sasen's Top 20 Anime Series /Animation Filmsby Sasen

This list is just my personal list of my favorite animes. Mind you that this list is my opinion and there are many animes that I haven't seen that people claim to be top tier material. If I include only one part of a multi-series anime, I suggest...