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Custom Lists

My Favorite (non-mainstream) Animeby Flarezo

A lot of my favorite anime tend to be more on the mainstream side of the spectrum which is fine and all but it gives less of a spotlight for some of the hidden gems out there so i figured a list to highlight them would be nice.

Would rewatchby aznlilpeace

This is just my personal list of anime that I can keep watching over and over again

laugh out loudby M0M0I

recommendations for genuinely funny anime that have made me literally LOL at times

All my anime, RANKEDby GabiiTachibana

Every anime I've ever watched ranked from best to worst (excluding unoriginal OVAs/specials and movies; including uncompleted but watched out of order and back story OVAs)

Good animes, with endby Gwhert

Basically good animes, which stories have ended.