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Angel Beats! Another Epilogue

Angel Beats! Another Epilogue main image more screenshots
4.046 out of 5 from 7,835 votes
Rank #622


One day, during the middle of a test, a new student begins to rebel against the system and angrily questions whether good grades will really get him into heaven. With the teacher and his classmates unable to calm the frenzied boy, it’s up to the new Student Council President to show him the way...


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Title Author Score Date
Angel Beats! Another Epilogue heartforyou 8/10 Apr 1, 2013
Angel Beats! Another Epilogue DjGopher 6.5/10 Dec 9, 2012
Angel Beats! Another Epilogue Madoka 9.5/10 Sep 11, 2011
List Title Username Entries Date
To Watch Strawberrysweat 24 Apr 20, 2014
Prova Neurotik 25 Mar 24, 2014
Watch List danitibbs 47 Feb 14, 2014
Post Name Username Comments Date
Darker than Obsession RyanGirl23 0 Sep 8, 12

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