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Anemone main image more screenshots
  • Web (1 ep x 5 min)
  • 2011
2.953 out of 5 from 139 votes
Rank #2,845


A girl enters a fantastical, upside-down world and wanders aimlessly until a mysterious rabbit appears next to her. Together, the two embark on a journey to find something special - just the thing that the girl needs...

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Junichi YAMAMOTO Director
Toki TAKEDA Music

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Main Characters

Girl image Girl heart unheart
Non-Speaking Role
Rabbit image Rabbit


heart unheart
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Hyunnie's Watched List yenlin 1715 May 12, 2013
5) Top Others [4.5/4 Stars] LinkSword 39 Feb 2, 2011
My Top 50 Nicknames 51 Nov 29, 2010
Post Name Username Comments Date
Anemone chii 1 Oct 5, 11
jojovonjo watched Anemone at 1 of 1 episodes
parfaited watched Anemone at 1 of 1 episodes
Fuad009 watched Anemone at 1 of 1 episodes
Panta rated the Anemone anime 5/5 stars
Panta watched Anemone at 1 of 1 episodes

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Only Yesterday

Only Yesterday
  • Movie (1 ep x 119 min)
  • 1991

Taeko Okajima lives a nondescript life in Tokyo performing office duties in the day and then coming home in the evening to listen to her mother’s remarks on the phone about her unmarried status. In a bid to escape the monotony, Taeko decides to visit the countryside she once loved as a child and spend time on a safflower farm run by relations of hers. But her journey awakens memories she thought she had long abandoned, and Taeko must once again decide the kind of person she truly wants to be.

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Your olderself needs a hand. So your younger self (through memories in Only Yesterday) reminds you of a  more positive you... which is just what you need.

Although Only Yesterday is feature length, and Anemone is a short, both convey this similar premise. Anemone has a bit more of a drastic change to the main character. 

Ten no Kawa

Ten no Kawa
  • Music Video (1 ep x 2 min)
  • 2010

A sad young boy experiences newfound happiness with the help of a furry-eared friend and a magical adventure...

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These two quiet shorts feature a mysterious rabbit and a human, who go on a magical, melancholy adventure. Fans of one should appreciate the other.