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Amagami SS

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3.905 out of 5 from 7,850 votes
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After being stood up during a date on Christmas Eve, Junichi’s confidence took a critical nosedive. Two years later, he’s now a second year high school student and ready to give love another chance. Will he fall for the beautiful and popular Morishima, mischievous childhood friend Kaoru, shy and timid underclassman Sae, dependable class president Tsukasa, hardworking underclassman Ai or his gluttonous childhood friend Rihoko? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: Junichi is determined to make his next Christmas Eve date a successful one!

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Amagami SS Special DVD Special 2011 TBD
Amagami SS OVA OVA 2011 TBD
Amagami SS+ TV 2012 TBD
Amagami SS+ Specials DVD Special 2012 TBD
Amagami SS+ Picture Drama DVD Special 2012 TBD

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Amagami: Precious Diary 2009 TBD
Amagami: Sincerely Yours 2009 TBD
Amagami - Various Artists 2009 TBD
Amagami: Love Goes On! 2010 TBD
Amagami: Precious Diary - Kaoru 2010 TBD
Amagami - Close to You 2010 TBD
Amagami - Dreamy Forever 2010 TBD
Name Role
Hiroaki GOHDA Character Design
Yoshimasa HIRAIKE Director
Toshiyuki OMORI Music

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Title Author Score Date
Amagami SS Ichigo7up 8.5/10 Jan 20, 2014
Amagami SS Pakuda 7.5/10 Aug 28, 2013
Amagami SS sammyrick 2/10 Aug 7, 2013
List Title Username Entries Date
Best opening (shuffle) sinnerz 37 Apr 8, 2014
Prova Neurotik 25 Mar 24, 2014
Romance, Ecchi NixCzech 50 Mar 18, 2014
MaxnFlames watched Amagami SS at 25 of 25 episodes
jopchan121 watched Amagami SS at 25 of 25 episodes
javycane is watching Amagami SS anime at 3 of 25 episodes
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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai

Dating sim master Keima Katsuragi wants nothing more than to immerse himself in the 2D world, chasing digital girlfriends. But when the so-called 'Capturing God' answers a mysterious email from an unknown sender, Keima finds himself chasing down real-life ladies in an attempt to help the peppy demon Elsie de Lute Irma capture 'lost souls' escaped from the depths of hell. Now, lest the explosive collar around his neck detonate, Keima must convince various girls to fall in love with him in order to scare out the souls hiding in their hearts.

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these two anime are similar in the way that they both follow an omnibus format or something similar.  As both protagonists chase after different girls and then moving on or returning back to a specific point in time, the audience uncovers more about the protagonists.


What makes TWGOK and Amagami SS similar is the plot, both of them feature an omnibus format centering on a male lead that has difficulties in expressing their feelings towards their love interest.


Each of these series focus around a single guy getting close to girl after girl only to have a somewhat similar event happen. If you like one guy interacting with many different types of girls, these fit well.


Although the conceptions of these two are quite differerent both of the main characters seduce several girls. If you enjoyed one of these shows I am sure you would enjoy the other because they have quite a few funny moments.On the other hand Amagami SS contains much more romance.


Of note is how they're both presented: separate arcs for each girl. Amagami SS's arcs are stand-alone (Separate timelines, if you will) while Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai's are one after another in a single timeline.

With that out of the way, Amagami SS focuses more on romance than comedy while Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai leans more on comedy without sacrificing too much of the romance aspect. Both look great and sound great, and while Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai has a bit of a fantasy vibe to it and quite a bit on dating sims, they are nonetheless similiar to the point where a fan of one will find quite a bit of enjoyment in the other.


Both series feature small arcs that deal with the male lead and the female lead for that arc and the romance that develops between the two.  Though Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai ties all the smaller arcs together into one larger overall plot and in Amagami SS the story for the most part resets after each arc.  Both feature some rather well developed love stories that will leave the viewer happy after each arc.


Both series have the male lead and multiple girls. One girl per arc. If you like variety of the male lead and heroines, this is for you! :D


Here's the premise: guy gets the girl.

That's how both of these anime go - Just that for Amagami SS it takes 4 episodes and has a lot of emotional meaning, and in TWOGK it takes from half an episode to 2 episodes, but it has little emotional significance.

In the same sense, Amagami resets to day 1 every 4 episodes, and Katsuragi's girls forget about him once the demon is gone - so it has a similar feeling if you watch all the episodes back to back.

The jokes are pretty similar too - "you're a perv! no I'm not" so that's always a fun time.


the main character in both series initial reports different girls will not stop as usual in anime with a single girl in amagami ss and as if the protagonist was reset whenever an arc ends, while Kami names zo Shiru Sekai the story continues it's the girls forget everything


Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai and Amagami SS are similar, in that each love interest is only relevant to the story for a few episodes. Both protagonists form relationships with a number of girls. The two series are harems with an omnibus format.


Both animes have the protoganist win the hearts of several girls. Amagami SS does it in arcs and tends to lean more on romance while Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai does it in a steady timeline and is more comedy based, If you liked one, you will definetely enjoy the other,


While TWGOK is much better than Amagami SS, there's no denying how similar their story structures are; Meeting a girl, interact, winning her over, and then repeat the same thing with another girl.

All the girls are some sort of stereotypes as well. But in TWGOK, it's intentional for the story.


Both have one guy who gets in a relationship with many girls one after another. Amagami's relationships are way more serious bc "The World Only God Knows" has a lot more comedy and plot that isn't just foccussed on relationship building. Both are very similar and good romance animes.

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Yosuga no Sora

Yosuga no Sora

After losing their parents, twins Haruka and Sora travel to the countryside to start a new life. The two soon meet new friends in the shrine maiden Akira, wealthy Kazuha and well-endowed Nao, amongst others. As the days go by, Haruka learns more and more about the new ladies in his life, all the while being a patient confidante and good friend, leading him into their hearts, as well as their loins. Meanwhile, Sora can't help but have a recurring memory of her brother kissing her as a child…

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They both have a boy as the protagonist who last 4 episodes in with the the same girl, but on the 5th, the story starts over again with a different heroine.


When I started to watch Yosuga no Sora and got about five episodes in, I thought, "this is just like Amagami SS! Only with more ecchi." Mainly due to it being separated into arcs, each centered on a specific girl.

With that said, they're both comedy/romance with Yosuga no Sora leaning more towards the drama side than Amagami SS, but the latter has it's own share of drama throughout. And as romances, both have those sappy heartwarming moments at times or moments that just make you smile.

Amagami SS feels better overall in terms of feeling between the guy and the girl, but Yosuga no Sora is still good overall.


Both Yosuga no Sora and Amagami SS feature a male lead dating different female leads, each female lead having a certain arc (in Amagami SS, 6 arcs as for 6 girls each having 4 episodes, in YnS 4 arcs and the number of episodes alocated to each varies). Romance, drama, comedy along the way in both shows, the exception is YnS which also features an incest theme and sexual content. My guess is if you liked one you will enjoy the other one as well.


If you want a much, much more ecchi Amagami SS, YnS is a good place to go. Both are told in the same way, having an arc then completely starting over like you're playing a visual novel. Both series have  a lot of romance and comedy. If you like Amagami and want something ecchi-er, then YnS is the place to go.


Amagami SS and Yosuga no Sora are both animes based off of a dating sim/eroge games. They both share a very distinct feature, in that, after each girl's story arc the anime "resets," and we see how the story plays out focusing on a different heroine. This is a unquie new trick one does not see too often in game adaptions. Yosuga no Sora is certainly much more hentai based and is meant for mature audiences, while Amagami SS is much more light hearted and appropirate for younger viewers. That said if you enjoyed the "reset" idea featured in either one of these series you might try the other.


If you like a good story line, and you like a somewhat stable setting that leaves you thinking. Then Yosuga no Sora or Amagami SS is the one for you. With both leading through different paths during the episodes, Amagami SS will leave you with a wonderful warm feeling at the end, and If you want alot of Ecchi with a Heart-Racing ending, Yosuga no Sora can be added to your lists.


Both feature arced episodes with a 'reset' which is becoming popular in recent animes. However both feel slightly weird due to the fact that they are so short, the love that develops doesn't feel right, however this is corrected in Amagami SS as it is only kissing and hugs. On the contrary Yosuga no Sora features almost lust driven relationships. But both make you feel good and the stories for the individual arcs are good.


both stories come back to a previous step to take place in a different way, in both anime stories the protagonists are more girls in different time spaces, the only obvious difference is that in no Sora Yosuga scenes are pushed to the end of each edge which happens only once (and not so daring) in amagami ss


Both have 1 guy that has a relationship with many girls one after the other. Yosuga no Sora has a lot more ecchi. Also sora has incest that relationsip builds. Amagami SS has more of a story and a build up to a confesh. Both are nice romance animes


Both animes are done in the same way. They are seperated into arcs that focus on an individual girl, although yosuga no sora is a lot more perverted. Yosuga no sora has a lot of adult stuf where as amagami ss is audiance friendly. Overall I think Amagami ss is more of a romance anime (better) than Yosuga no Sora which is more like a hentai.


The stories are built up in pretty much the same way, they both have an arc for every girl, 4 episodes long in Amagami SS, shorter in Yosuga no Sora. Yosuga no Sora has a lot more Ecchi though, it's a borderline hentai. Amagami is more like the average harem anime. Also, both series are based off a visual novel.


Both animes revolve around a male protagonist's finding love. Also, both animes have the same "arc" style ( 2-4 episodes dedicated to each individual girl or different scenarios).

While Amagami is more about the romance, Yosuga no Sora has a balance between the explicit content and the romance.



Tomoya Okazaki is a third-year high school student who is generally bored with life and doesn't take his studies, future, or anything else seriously. One day, however, he meets a lonely-looking girl in the school courtyard, Nagisa Furukawa. She explains to him the source of her loneliness: she had missed a lot of the previous school year and thus is repeating her third year; everybody that she knew has already graduated, and she is lonely. Tomoya is rather indifferent at first, but decides that he has nothing better to do and spends increasingly more time helping Nagisa restore the school drama club. As his relationship with Nagisa grows, Tomoya begins to open up to various other people around the school as well...

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Amagami SS is like a better version of Clannad (not art-wise) but how it is all evenly focused on each girls, giving them a 4-episode arc (unlike Clannad which focused 24 episodes on Nagisa and 1 episode on others) don't get me wrong I loved Clannad it's just that the drama makes me cry =(.

If you watched either of these im sure you will love the latter =].

P.S. speaking on behalf of Amagami's 1st arc, it was sooooo cutee xD


Clannad and Amagami SS anime where both created from a video game where you get to choose the girl of your dreams. But, the only diffrence in the anime is that Amagami SS has a round focus on each of the girls giving them 4 episodes each. While in Clannad, the foucs is more on one particular girl, and only one episode on the other girls.

Clannad also has two parts Clannad and Clannad ~AfterStory~. Which gives you more on to what happens next.


Both shows feature a male lead dating different female leads. While Clannad mainly focuses on one girl (Nagisa) and alocates only 1 episode for all the other female leads, Amagami SS focuses on all 6 female leads being divided into 6 arcs each having 4 episodes. If you enjoyed watching one, you will surely enjoy the other one as well.


These are both anime based off of video game stories so it makes sense that they have a similar style.

Both stories feature an empty-shell guy in a normal situation that guys could relate to and then place them around like 5 extremely different and unique girls that are ALL interested in him. What's not to like haha...

The main difference is that Amagami SS explores each girl's "route" for 4 episodes and restarts, while Clannad explores the different girls' relationships in one timeline story - with the main character picking one at the end.


As stated by the other posters, both series focus on the relationship between a man and multiple women in a school setting. Both possess comedic elements, although clannad also includes some drama. Overall, both are great and if you're a fan of romance, you can't go wrong with either!

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Kimikiss Pure Rouge

Kimikiss Pure Rouge

It's spring, and love is in the air! Sanada Kouichi wakes up one morning to find a strange girl barging into his house and making herself at home. Only after his friend, Aihara Kazuki, shows up later does he recognize the girl as their childhood friend Mizusawa Mao, who has been living overseas for the past two years. With her parents still overseas, Mao will be living with Kouichi and attending high school with him and Kazuki. The three of them will rely on each other to overcome their challenges with school, friendship, and of course love!

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Both shows are galge adaptations therefore they feature several girls. The school life theme, romantic and comedic scenes are also common in both.


Although amagami is shown in arcs and Kimikiss is just one storyline with two main characters...

BOth are from the same producer and have some heroins alike.


The main character girl in Amagami SS is similar to Eriko Futami; they both seem to be awkward toward the one they love. The one they love desperately seems to go for them anyways. They both take place in a school and the animation is decent in both. There is two main guys in Kimi kiss though.

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Photo Kano

Photo Kano

After receiving his father's old camera, Kazuya Maeda is eager to polish his picture-taking skills in school. Soon, he catches the attention of two separate photography clubs: one is legit and its members practice a creative, moral art, while the other is filled with perverts who focus solely on taking secretive, exposing shots of girls on campus – with or without their knowledge. After feeling pressured to join the latter, Kazuya agrees, and dedicates himself to making something out of his new hobby. Luckily for the boy, there's no shortage of good-looking ladies on campus eagerly willing to become his special model, and before long, Kazuya begins to understand how powerful and appealing his club's goals really are...

my list:

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Both are shows based off of a Visual Novel. The Main character is surrounded by a bunch of attractive girls with a pervert 'best friend' character and of course a little sister.


A high school male protagonist gets to meet several different girls, with whom romantic feelings may flourish. Both anime share this trait, which could be attached to pretty much any harem show out there, but what truly ties these  two together is their mood, the way the conversations flow... they just feel extremely similar.

Perhaps just as importantly, both follow a similar omnibus format - that is, there are several different parallel stories where the main character gets to know, and eventually dates all of the main girls. No, he's not cheating: think of it as alternative universes.

In my personal experience, Amagami SS is by far the better show, but fans of it might still appreciate Photo Kano, which is actually widely recognized as its 'spiritual successor'. 


Both series are from the same creators. Also the plot is kinda same. If you like one, you are gonna love the other

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