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Ali Baba to 40-hiki no Touzoku

Ali Baba to 40-hiki no Touzoku main image more screenshots
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Generations ago, the wily Ali Baba stole a cave full of treasure from the forty thieves. In the present, the descendent of Ali Baba rules the city with greed and unkindness, and the descendent of the thief leader, Huck, lives in poverty. With the help of a mouse and thirty eight banished cats, these new forty thieves will go to battle aboard a magical flying carpet for revenge and glory – to steal back what’s rightfully Huck’s from the evil Ali Baba and his newly-found, cat-hating genie in a bottle!

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Name Role
Hiroshi SHIDARA Director
Seichiro UNO Music
Hiroshi OKAWA Producer

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Stand Alone Movies chii 240 Jan 14, 2011

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Sindbad no Bouken

Sindbad no Bouken

Young Sindbad has lived his entire life in the Arabian city of Baghdad, a thriving, ancient metropolis filled with bazaars and would-be merchants. One day, Sindbad and his friend sneak into the palace to watch a magic show, and are soon after caught by the guards and chastised. The next morning, Sindbad is paid a visit by his uncle Ali and is told wonderful, fantastical tales of the places Ali has traveled to and experienced. For Sindbad, this event is life-changing - there's a whole wide world out there beyond Baghdad! And so, Sindbad sets forth on Ali's ship for a grand adventure, experiencing plenty of fun and action along the way.

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Both child-friendly titles focus on an Arabian tale of wonder and adventure. While not officially related, the theme that ties the two together is Ali Baba and related adventures. If you liked one, you'd easily enjoy the other.