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Following the disaster wrought upon the world by a mysterious being called ‘Akira’, Neo Tokyo is now in social and economic turmoil. In such a decaying city, feisty Kaneda and his shy friend Tetsuo survive by running around in a biker gang, chasing local rivals and generally evading the police. Everything changes, however, when Tetsuo crashes into a strange-looking boy during a bike chase and the military ends up taking him away. When he eventually returns to his friends, he’s no longer the same weak little boy they always knew – in fact, a military experiment has turned him into something beyond human imagination. While the military is intent on reclaiming its specimen at any cost, Tetsuo is sick of being bullied around and is about to show everyone, including his friend Kaneda, exactly who is boss.

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Akira 1982 Original Manga
Name Role
Katsuhiro OTOMO Director
Katsuhiro OTOMO Original Manga Creator

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Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell
  • Movie (1 ep x 83 min)
  • 1995

A mysterious new hacker known only as the Puppet Master threatens to create chaos, erasing and rewriting the memories of his victims: humans who have cast away their physical body to become cyborgs. Is he an evil genius, or could he signal the beginning of a new age in the relationship between man and machine?

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While not up to Akira quality, it is JUST about up to Akira quality. The animation is superb, the story is involving and intelligent, and the action is awesome. Also, this is a mature movie, similar to Akira. Ghost in the Shell is a must-see for all anime fans! (especially those who like Akira)
Another glimpse into a slightly futuristic world. Though not as 'messy' as Akira, the fighting/violence is reallistic, the story intelligtent, and the animation not too dissimilar.
Both Akira and Ghost in the Shell are great cyber-punk thrillers and instant cult classics in the anime world. Both have to do with diving into the human mind and trying to unfold its secrets, mysteries and capabilities.
Ghost in the Shell and Akira dive you into a cyberpunk dystopia where the political structure is wildly different from today and technology has totally transformed people's lives.

The city's special forces in Ghost in the Shell are just like those involved in the Akira movie. There is lots of action and mystery from the start in both, as well.


Both GITS and Akira deal with philosophical issues, feature some stunning action sequences, and have a haunting hybrid of traditional and electronic music.


Akira and Ghost in the Shell both deal with the idea of humanity. They deal with it in that both question when someone is still human and when someone becomes something more. Not exactly the most fun of themes, but they still make for an interesting viewing.


Ghost in the Shell and Akira are epic in the sense that they both remind you of a real movie rather than an 'anime'. They go hand in hand, with a futuristic setting and dramatic and amazing animation. What more could you ask for?


If you liked Akira you would possibly like Ghost in the Shell because they are both set in the "near" future and are sci-fi-esque. If you are a fan of plot twists then these anime are surely for you.


Ghost in the Shell and Akira both share a similar theme: the relationship between science/technology and humanity. In Akira, this relationship is shown in a completely negative light, showing technology as a potentially lethal force. It shows us that, one day, technology might just destroy us. In Ghost in the Shell, it says technology and humans will eventually become interchangeable! In that, we could just lose our humanity. It is, more or less, a very haunting notion, and each of the anime show it in a sometimes chilling light. The only difference is that Akira has a lot more violence, while Ghost in the Shell is more philosophical.


Both Ghost in the Shell and Akira are about what it really means to be human, and how the individual characters reflect different perspectives on the matter. Both series also have a character that is different, who is used as a focal point for all of the discussions about humanity.


Ghost in the Shell is an anime based in about the same time period as Akira. Both are action movies with similar art styles. I found these movies to be similar in their overall feel and my gut feeling is that if you liked one you will like the other.


Akira and GITS are both anime classics. They both incorporate violence, guns, and crime. One movie is about staying away from cops, while the other is about fighting crime. Both movies are serious, sophisticated, and great, and should be in anyone's anime collection. If you liked GITS, then see Akira, or vice versa.


Akira and Ghost In the Shell are cyberpunk dystopian themed anime. If you haven't watched both and you claim you like anime then you must have been living under a rock for a decade or so.


Ghost in the Shell and Akria where two animations that changed the movie going experience. The reason that Ghost in the Shell is a good match to Akira is that both make you think more than just the aciton. They both dive into the human mind and presonal beliefs of each main character. The visuals for both movies are stunning for their time and even now. The voice acting for Ghost in the Shell is good and matches a little better than Akiras. The othre reason both work so well is their political plot is thick and heavy. Both make people think what really does go on in politics. In comparing both there is no clear winner both are great. I recomend this to any one that is just starting to watch anime and those of diehard fans of anime.


Both Akira and Ghost in the Shell are fast-paced, technology-based thrillers. They are action packed but still leave lots of room for character development. Both do not shirk from ladling on the violence, but execute it in a way that is gripping and not off putting. If you like like tech and guns without the accompanying Gundams, these are series you should watch.


Both of these films have dark and thought evoking naratives which deal with profound ideas. Anyone who enjoys cyber-punk setting and themes of either of these films will enjoy the other.


Ghost in the Shell provides and equally exhilirating story that leaves much up to the viewer to figure out on their own. Ghost in the Shell combines top notch production with high quality content, making up a movie that you can't say "no" to.


These two classic cyber-punk sci-fi anime are both interesting and intelligent and a must see for any anime fan. Ghost in the Shell and Akira are an absolute treat for anime fans preferring a unique outlook on the sci-fi genre, that really delve into what is meant by the term ‘humanity'.


Futuristic SciFi with good action as well as a very deep plot. if you like Akira you will likely enjoy Ghost in the shell.


Both movies take place in a near future setting with somewhat darker environments than our own. Likewise, they feature well-balanced action scenes and psychological slowdowns so there is no plane of monotonous action or a lack of action either.


While many of us know, Akira and Ghost in the Shell have the "old school" feeling we all long for.  The art is something that can't be replicated today.  It's a genuine feeling of watching pure creativity at its finest.  An overwhelming sensation will flow within you as you try to grasp what is going on in these legendary sci-fi creations.  Pure, original badassness is what creates the link between Ghost in the Shell and Akira.  Watch em' both!


Each of these series are set in the future with advance technologies and a lot of things different than the world we live in now. Each of these series involve some sort of super powerful person/program that threatens to destroy the world.


Both take a good look of a society on a futuristic era. With awesome animation, action and a soudtrack that sets up the right atmosphere.


Both movies are anime classics that any anime fan must see. Fantasic story and animation with great action.


Both anime are set in a futuristic world. There's plenty of voilence, gore and when you start watching it theres no stopping


  • Movie (1 ep x 91 min)
  • 1998

In a research outpost in Turkey, an ancient relic known as Noah’s Ark has been discovered, and ARCAM, the world’s most secret organization in charge of keeping world order, must protect the ark from the deranged forces of the US Machine Corps. Yu Ominae, ARCAM’S #1 Spriggan, is an elite secret operative with one mission: Stop the key to NOAH’S ARK from being used by Colonel Mac Dougall, a cybernetically enhanced child with psychokinetic powers. Noah will be your grave!

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Akira and Spriggan were written by the same author and have close to the same action. There are also a few similarities in character design, etc.

One of Spriggan's main characters has very similar powers to those of Testuso in Akira. However, it is not the main focus of the movie as it is with Akira.
Similar story, great animation and the same apocalyptic feeling. Another 'classic'.
What can you expect when the same author makes another movie? Spriggan got alot of action and pretty much the same theme with the world going under. Be sure to check it out if you liked Akira.
An apocalypse and children with special powers, with that Akira and Spriggan definitely feel the same. Nothing else to say, just get it!

Akira and Spriggan are very similar. Spriggan has many aspects that Akira has like little children with powers and lots of violence and action.Though Spriggan lacks the massive and impressive story line Akira has, Spriggan makes it up with breath taking fight scenes. They are well suitted together.


If You like one you will undoubtedly like the other. They have the same mood and feel and even share trademark grey skined children with psychic powers.


Spriggan really seems like a tribute to Akira.  Both involve human experimentation gone horribly wrong, and questions whether humanity should take matters of God into its own hands.  Both boast incredible art, and while Spriggan I thought was kinda stupid, both have intriguing premises.


Spriggan and Akira are so similar it's impossible to not recommend them. Kid with psychic powers, military involvement and lots of gritty artwork? These anime are two peas in a pod.


They both have dark gritty animations with bits of gore thrown in, wonderful sound tracks and a similar protagonist with a never say die attitude who doesn't understand what limits are. Akira has a much better story based off human potential(psychic) and that is what drives it far above Spriggan, Spriggan is based off a mythological power called Noah that is essentially earths reset button and the story in general is weak, lacking depth but the art style and sound track are well worth a watch.


Both Spriggan and Akira deal with saving the world from threats induced by a covert military agency.  Both Kaneda, Akira's hero and Yuu Ominae, Spriggan's hero live in a visually dark world and must overcome the dark intentions of military-enhanced beings to prevent an apocalypse. If you enjoy action, fights and explosions, both anime deliver handsomely.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

In the future, a devastating event known as Second Impact has destroyed Tokyo as we know it, giving rise to Tokyo III - a city under siege by mysterious lifeforms known only as Angels. Mankind's only line of defense are the Evangelions, a set man-made machines piloted by a trio of fourteen year-old teenagers, Rei, Shinji, and Asuka. The fate of Japan and the entire world now lie with these three children, though they might not have the power to save the most important thing of all: each other.

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9 people agree
Akira and Evangelion are the two must watch introductions to anime. As well as being well made and accessible, they also deal with some of the central themes in anime: adolescence, apocalypse, authority, and alliteration. Well, not the last one.
Akira and Evangelion are both weird series, can't say much without revealing the plot, so i'll just say this: both plots are weird. Both series also have they're share of nightmare-like moments. Definitely very alike.

Both animes deal with a young boy forced to essentially save the world. Evangelion, is a fantastic anime, however it gets a little intense and kinda mind blowing, so i don't suggest watching it in one sitting... but its amazing!


Both of these anime are considered classics and have contributed an untold amount to the anime world. Also, both Akira and Evangelion both are best in class when it comes to not having to explain everything to the viewer. It leaves a lot up to interpretation by the viewer, resulting in a more involved interaction between the viewer and the show.


If you loved the many mental problems that the majority of the Evangelion characters were plagued by, then you'll ADORE the things going on in the head of Tetsuo from Akira! Both anime have a very serious tone, which at the end becomes very prominent as the main characters try to escape the people trying to help them.


Evangelion and Akira are bouth set in a post apocaliptic world and folow the main characters who are forced to find there hidden powers. But other simularities are not that obvious and if a I try to explain them I would spoil your fun. But I can say that they have a simular feel to them and they bouth concentrate on the psihological state of the characters as well as the action.


What happens if you put the fate of existence in the hands of adolescence? Both NGE and Akira center around this theme and build upon it quite nicely. If you are a big fan of government conspiracies, psychological themes, apocalypse, or MindF*ck, give any one of these bad boys a try.


Both Akira and EVA are set in very similar worlds that put a young man center stage to try and save a world heading towards destruction. If you enjoyed the dark and mysterious aspects of one, you'll like the other.


They're both great sci-fi anime with a deep meaning. Both reccomended.Akira and Neon Genesis Evangelion both wrote an important page of the Japanese animation history and are both scheduled as "masterpieces". 

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
  • Movie (1 ep x 102 min)
  • 2000

Constable Fuse is part of an elite Special Forces unit known as the Capital Police whose mission is to maintain peace during a time of civil unrest. Fuse becomes entangled within a web of intrigue and politics between the Capital Police, the government intelligence bureau, and a secret society known as Jin-Roh – the Wolf Brigade.

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Odds are you've seen Akira. Odds are you'll like Jin-Roh if Akira tickled your fancy. The animation qualities are similar and so is the violence. I strongly recommend Jin-Roh to those who enjoyed Akira (who are many).
Both movies (Akira and Jin-Roh) involve a main character that gets traumatized. They both have gore and can leave you with an unsettling feeling. Jin-Roh was a bit darker, but they both have some action. I didn't particularly like either one (Akira was a bit better), but others really like both these movies.

Akira and Jin Roh are both dark and gritty, and have powerful and tragic moments. Jin Roh has more of a twist than Akira does, yet both have traumatized main characters who play their parts admirably.


If you saw Akira you absolutely need to see Jin-Roh: Wolf Brigade. Much of the same staff worked on these two movies yet they are entirely different. Jin-Roh in my honest opinion has a much more thoroughly-developed storyline, as long as you can keep in mind that its central theme is that of "Little Red Riding Hood." I'm not saying you need to like fairy tales, but if you can appreciate where the anime goes with the story you will find it more appealing than the average fan boy. If you're a fan boy you probably are not going to like this recommendation. FYI.


Jin-Roh and Akira can claim an equally powerful effect on a viewer regardless of genre. This is largely due to the gritty and realistic nature of the two stories and the exploration of the capabilities of mankind and violence in both. If you were captivated by one, you will surely be as intrigued by the other.


Jin-Roh and Akira also share that similar feel.  Both of these movies deal with a human gone out of control.  Emotional trauma and corruption seep into the story.  They are quick pace animes filled with much suspense.  These legendary movies are not legend for no reason.  If you could handle one then I dare you to watch the other.


If you watched and enjoyed 1 out of the both you will enjoy the other. Since they both share some qualities like good animation,tragedies and etc.

watch it online now!

Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

For Kouta and Yuka, finding the bloody naked young girl on the beach would change their lives forever, for better or for worse. Unable to speak or function as a normal human being, she is named Nyu by the duo, and taken into their home in an effort to save her. But what neither teenager knows is that this innocent young girl is actually a killing machine -- an experiment gone terribly wrong -- and it is only a matter of time before the murderer in her awakens again...

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6 people agree

Both Akira and Elfen Lied deal with the idea that a child has gone crazy with power and revolve around the madness that is their own power. Each anime displays an unexpected turn of events where the victim (in both, because of government alteration) becomes the attacker. Watch them turn against their friends and foes in a mess of power, blood and personal chaos.


Like Akira, Elfen Lied is based on government experimentation of people to be used as weapons. Very involving series with a lot of cool fight sequences (mostly people getting hacked by Lucy/Nyu) Only 13 eps so well worth the time!!!


Both series have a out of this world feeling about them. People with phsyhcic powers, the goverment hidding this from the rest of the world and the "hero" who's left behind in the end.


Both anime's portray characters that struggle with deep mental problems and extreme psychic powers. They also show the struggle of another character to the main character in elfen lied and the confused tetsuo in akira these characters display no problem killing forcing Shotaro in akira and nana in elfen lied to attempt to stop them.


Both series involve seemingly normal people becoming involved in a massive government/scientific conspiracy that involves attempts at expanding the potential of the human person. Both have main characters that go berserk after being subject to such experimentation and decide to fight the whole world in a futile path towards power and justice.


Both of these titles center around a super power being with the ability to control something with their minds. Both have those closest to this being trying to help or stop them. Also, each title is extremely graphic in nature.

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