Aki Sora

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Aki lives a charmed life. Popular, athletic, and at the top of her class, she rules the school; and at home, her younger brother Sora caters to her every whim. However, her younger sister Nami doesn't have it so easy. The small-chested and sarcastic girl is in love with her best friend, who happens to be in love with Sora. Meanwhile, the slight and feminine Sora spends his evenings cooking and cleaning for the entire family while being bullied by Aki - and what's worse, he harbors a forbidden, deep-seated lust for the girl. Will Sora give into his desires, and will Nami ever win the heart of her best friend?

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DuskFey's avatar by DuskFey on Jul 14, 2010
Score: 2/10

Anime in 200 Words: Aki Sora Premise: Brother and sister love/lust after each other for years, and are quite physical as children. Eventually, they grow up and hook up. Characters: Each character fits an archetype. Aki Sora has a dominatrix, a little pansy boy, a naïve girl who’s been lusting after her best friend, and a girl who really doesn’t care which twin she bangs because they’re... read more

Komirai's avatar by Komirai on Jul 7, 2012
Score: 8/10

Aki-Sora isn't your run-of-the-mill brother-sister incest story. There have been too many OVAs to count where a boy and his step-sister(s) of no blood relation at all, made quite clear early in the story, have expressed their forbidden love. One of the attractive points of Aki-Sora, though, is that Aki and Sora are, in fact, full siblings. Finally, the 'I' in incest was dotted, and the 'T' in taboo was crossed... read more

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