I gave in to a DVD sale plain and simple, that's my only reasoning behind buying AKB0048….jeesh.

Story - 8/10

So I came into this series with very low expectations. As a series it checked all the wrong boxes, girls idol group, cutsie, and fighting robots, because lets face it for every Evangelion and G Gundam, there's a thousand Gravions and Fafners. For the most part I only purchased it because I was looking for something new, it was inexpensive and I needed to spend a few more dollars for free shipping. Was I ever pleasantly surprised.

So the main story line follows a group of young girls training to join an idol group/ mech fighting force as they attempt to bring music and happiness to planets that are currently under a total or partial entertainment ban. But instead a majority of the show deals with how these young girls deal with pressure, the thought of having to compete against friends and the reality that being this type of pop idol isn't all fun and games. 

This is a great example of not judging a book by it's cover. Sure there are the dance numbers, bad songs and the obligatory battles, but a majority of the series focuses on a great story with well written character interactions. 

Animation - 6/10

For the most part the show is beautifully animated. The design and detail put ion the locations and different planets is some of the best in recent memory. They also did a brilliant job using shadows and accents to really make the visuals pop. This is what we've come to expect from the world of HD animation now and they didn't disappoint. 

Unfortunatly the he characters are very generic and typical for this type of series. Half the time it seems they just looked around at other series, like K-On or Kokoro Connect, and copied every female in them. I know they had a lot to deal with, having thirty or so characters, but even the slightest bit of originality would have been nice here, and seeing how they had that for the backgrounds you know they could have done it with the idols too.

While the character design left much to be desired, they use of computer animation left you wanting to turn the series off. While this is usually one of the aspects i use to nitpick series so it's not always just praising the art, in AKB0048 it really became and annoying distraction. They used the style whenever the girls would partake in a big dance number and it was always strikingly out of place. The dimensions of the characters were bad, the movement was somehow a mix of robotic and gelatinous, and overall it just was a poor choice.

I do have to highlight one specific scene for praise. It's not for the animation itself, but the content of the animation. Early in the series Nagisa is racing for the train that will take them to the AKB auditions. As she reaches the train it's already started taking off, the doors open and her two friends come out and grab to pull her aboard. Everything about that scene echo's the escape scene in the original Transformer's animated movie, where RC is pulled aboard by Springer. Now it might just be a coincidence, but it'd pretty awesome if they were giving a nod to one of the best animated movies of all time.

Sound - 4/10

So I pretty much came in assuming the music was going to be bad, even for Idol standards, and it was. The show had to put out so many songs, so they went for the cookie cutter approach. The tunes were terrible and the lyrics were simplistic drivel. 

On the bright side we got a  great mix of all the female V.O. artist from pretty much every series that's been released over the last few years. They all were great in their performances, even if some did get a bit grating by the end. Not to mention there are very few things in the anime world as annoying as Nagisa constantly shouting out the name Chieri like an imbecile.

Characters - 8/10

With so many characters you'd think it would be impossible to give them backstories. Heck there are shows like Towa No Quon, The World God Only Knows and K-On! that have a limited amount of characters and over hours and hours of show we learn nothing about them. Somehow AKB0048 finds a way, even in just simple terms, to give us enough information to at least know why the girls are here and what they are trying to accomplish. The series shows that things don't have to be overly complicated in order to give us decent characters, something many newer series can learn from.

Now with that said, there's not a ton behind who these girls are. There's one group who, in their early youth, saw 0048 perform and decided they wanted to be just like them, bringing joy to the worlds that have a complete entertainment ban. Of those girls, Nagisa and Chieri stand out as the two main characters in the series. They've grown to be quite opposite of each other, with Nagisa just wanting to make the band with her friends and Chieri determined to just become the best, which at first seems like her way of trying to protect these other girls from the reality of being in the band, but as the show progresses she just seems like a generally terrible person. (which we know will change in season two because things always have to end on a positive note)

As is common with these shows the characters who play a supporting role often become much more likable than those main characters, and here it's no different. Characters like Kanata, who wants to avenge her father's death at the hands of the DTGO, Sonata, who wants to be like her big sister Kanata, prove to be developed much better than our stars. Others such as Makoto, Suzuko, Mimori and AKB member Yuko aren't as fully developed, but their characters bring the comedy and heart to the series, while Minami fills in a secondary villain roll as another selfish and unlikable member of AKB.

They even managed to make many of the secondary characters likable, despite very limited screen time. Mr. Ushiyama, Papa cook and the WOTA members (a military force that fights along side AKB) all do their part to make sure the show isn't as generic as it could have been.

Overall - 7/10

While the rewatch-ability isn't high for someone with my tastes, I can't say this is a show that shouldn't be given a chance. With favorites such as FLCL, GTO, X and Trigun it would seem this series would score a zero for me, but they went far beyond the outward look of "Girly Fluff" and gave us a pretty solid series.

Even with the simplistic songs and all too neat ending I wasn't disappointed. I can honestly say I look forward to popping season two in my DVD player and seeing where they decided to go with the mysteries behind AKB0047. 

8/10 story
6/10 animation
4/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall

The season before this show aired, there was Black Rock Shooter, (BRS) an infomercial aiming to sell via name to its established audience. AKB0048 (AKB) was doing the same thing, made to cater the fans of the homonymous teen idol group. Another thing both of them had in common was how they were trying to have a pseudo-serious premise for attracting the unsuspected.

The story is of course completely retarded and no more than a piss-poor excuse for some conflict, other than cute girls doing cute singing, to exist. No matter how much they tried to spice it up by making the pop-idols a resistance group waging war against an intergalactic oppressive government that hates entertainment, it still plays out as your typical moe-flick where nothing of importance ever happens … even when it is supposed to.

Normally, I would have liked this show more than your typical pop-idol garbage because the stakes are higher than “Oh no, people didn’t like my singing, I guess I will have to find a different job now”. And yet I like it even less because everything is an afterthought. There is no actual tension since nothing dangerous ever happens to them, thus the dark setting is going to waste, and the premise becomes pretentious.

It’s the same problem I have with other titles such as Idol Master Xenoglossia and Bodacious Space Pirates. I love space adventures and giant robots blowing up shit, but when they become background decoration for generic moeblobs, I am angered by this disservice. There was so much they could have done with the premise. What if some of them where occasionally getting injured or killed? What if the girls realized they are sacrificing everything without an actual pay-off?

And none of that happens, it’s the same old coming of age nonsense where they spend most of the time training how to dance and sing about love, than trying to liberate the universe from the dystopian government. All you get is a bunch of cutely dressed pretty girls hovering in the air and singing J-pop songs, while the army is trying to capture them with nets and firework missiles.

Do I even need to point out how this is dealing with an industry that thrives on the dreams and hopes of young people by making it look like they are the saviors of the universe? Just look how they treat the girls in the show as if they are spare parts in a huge emotionless machine. They are not allowed to sing their own songs; they must learn the established songs of the past pop idols and they must dance in the exact same way as they did. They are not even allowed to have their own personality and name, the goal is to replace the older generation of AKB instead of being individuals. Not to mention that mysterious leader figure of their planet. It looks like a demon who has absolute control over everybody’s lives. For all we know pop idols could have been banned to prevent the demon from taking over the galaxy by brainwashing people with cute girls.

That is what I loved in Looking for the Full Moon; the heroine there refused to sing the cheesy lyrics others wrote for her and was dead set on doing her own song. She had only one pop idol and yet she had a million times more characterization than these 47 cardboards. She was being active and was trying to change things. There is none of that here, it’s just girls singing shallow music before turning 30 and are kicked out for fresh blood. Or in the sleazy context of the show, they mysteriously disappear.

And it’s not like I hate everything about pop-idols; you can have a good dark story about the perils of escapism. Perfect Blue, and Millennium Actress are great with the theme. Hell, the very director of AKB is the same guy who directed the original Macross. The way he mixed singing with giant robots and space battles was amazing. Unfortunately he then sold out to the otaku industry and made this garbage, before moving to completely killing the Macross franchise with Delta. It’s sci-fi first and j-pop second, not the other way around. How hard is that to understand?

Anyways, this is not a show of mass appeal despite trying to make it seem like the fans of space adventures will like it as much as fans of coming of age. It was made specifically for people who dig pop idols; most won’t even give it a second glance because of the stupid story, and no amount of good visuals can change that.

2/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
2/10 characters
3.5/10 overall

STORY 4 / 5: This anime is definately in my top ten favorites mainly because of the story. It blends scifi with magical girl VERY well. It introduced me to the idol slice of life sub genere and I found it's something I really enjoy, even if the music itself isn't the best. 

ART 3 / 10: While the story more than makes up the awkward CGI that comes out of the Hatsune Miku generation, I still have to subtract points. The CGI is scattered throughout the story but I've yet to see it done right.  

SUBS 10 / 10:  The subtitles are very well done! Definately got the messages across in a beautiful, poetic sort of way. 

OVERALL 8 / 10: This is one of my favorite animes. I really loved the mecca in the show and I wish we had more to explore! As it is, I one hundred percent reccomend this series to any magical girl lover. It's a good transitional anime if you're looking to move away from the traditional image of Magical Girl style. 

8/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
10/10 characters
8/10 overall
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i really loved watching this anime. It has such a right, friendly atmosphere on the surface and reading between the lines allows you to get a real sense of AKB0048's ideals. It was fun, a show about girls empowering others while supporting and loving another even with the spirit of competition. I loved that this was a battle type of anime and yet the girls got to remain tough fighters with heart and determination without being sexualized (with the exception of one character who I suspect is just her personality type) or weak. They each had their moments, and the amount of character growth is really touching. I've come to care about each main character. My favorite is A toss up between Orine and Suzuko. I feel a kinship with both~.  I just wish they would follow through on some of the Yuri elements that underline some of the friendships!

I reccomend end this as a feminist anime, for anyone who has a fondness of scifi and the magical girl genre. ❤️

7/10 story
4/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Spoilers (Duh)


Unas morrillas que vieron un concierto de AKB0048 hace muchos años unen sus sueños y bla bla bla, crecen, pasan cosas y finalmente se unen a AKB  haciendo un tipo de casting alrededor del universo para reclutar morrillas como ellas. Es una historia demasiado sencilla, aunque con sus temas de terrorismo del entretenimiento y demás tratan de darle más profundidad y tensión a la historia, realmente sabemos que no pasara nada mas allá de unos llantos y epifanías baratas. Solo vemos a las chicas acoplándose a su nueva vida como futuras idols, es divertido y aprecio las comedias que no solo arrojan ecchi a lo idiota, pero es más como un Big Brother de idols preadolescentes.


El problema principal es que todas, o casi todas, las protagonistas tienen de 13 a 15 años, así que sus problemas son muy comunes y sencillos: problemas con sus padres, traumillas del pasado, pasar de niña a mujer, etc. Así que no hay mucho explorar ni profundizar, ahora mismo voy a una secundaria y vería exactamente lo mismo. Además todos los personajes son muy monótonos, en realidad ninguna de las chicas tiene una personalidad llamativa o interesante, así que no llegas a apreciar a ninguna.


Al final Nagisa por fin se da cuenta que su padre no la odia y bla bla bla, concierto, batalla y ya, no hay más, la protagonista queda exactamente igual que como empezó.


  • Animación: Aquí hay una mención muy importante que hacer. En muchas series los cambios de 2D a 3D se ven muy evidentes y forzados (vgr. La Batalla de los Dioses) y por tanto se ven raros o mal, pero esta serie logra hacerlo de una manera muy buena. Aunque son muy repentinos, los cambios de 2D a 3D en las secuencias de baile están muy bien realizados y se disfrutan bastaste. Desafortunadamente no puedo decir lo mismo de las secuencias de batalla.
  • OST: En esta temporada, no hay nada que mencionar.
  • Openings y endings: QUEDE JODIDAMENTE TRAUMADO CON EL OPENING! Esas veces que me traumo con una canción y la oigo diario minino 2 veces durante semanas, o meses. Sobre todo el coro, siento que tiene una vibra de: “NO MAMES VAMOS A SALVAR EL MUNDO!”. Otra cosa que realizaron muy bien fue meter las rolas de AKB, JKT, etc. En la serie. Como toda banda comercial de Japón, tienen como 5849 canciones, pero si hacen una buena recopilación de las que yo creo, son las mejores de la(s) banda(s).


Al final de cuentas esta serie termina siendo una publicidad compleja para las bandas, principalmente AKB, aunque un poco innecesaria, puesto que es una de las bandas más populares en Japón. Igual que siempre, tiene conceptos muy interesantes, todo el rollo de terrorismo y que el entretenimiento corrompe el alma y eso, se me hizo muy interesante, casi recuerda a 1984 de George Orwell, todos seriamos unos criminales de pensamiento. Tambien llamo la atención el como hacían la sucesión y demás, lograron transportar a la banda al futuro sin transportar a la banda al futuro como tal y reconozco que estuvo bien realizado. Pero, igual que siempre, perdieron el tiempo en problemas estúpidos y comunes de niñas de 13 años y chicas moe peleando. Si eres fan de esta banda, seguramente te va a gustar mucho, si no, deberías estar haciendo otra cosa.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
4/10 overall
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