Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka Hardcore

DVD Special (1 ep x 26 min)
2.746 of 5 from 2,753 votes
Rank #3,912

Jun'ichi and his friends have been invited to vacation on a private island during the summer. But while everyone expects pure-hearted fun in the sun, Mitsuki has other plans! Now the Geno Killer is in for a ride as Mitsuki's sunblock aphrodisiac gets all the girls ready for action. Jun'ichi must struggle to keep his pants on, lest the desires of the women around him become too much to bear!

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mahius's avatar by mahius on Oct 15, 2014
Score 1/10

Hardcore my ass. If you're expecting nudity you won't find it here. Though just as well it isn't hardcore, otherwise it would literally be porn (hentai). But it isn't. Just a shit tonne of panty shots and pervy shit. Nothing actually happens. On multiple occasions, the girls try to make things intimate with Junichi. But obviously he is a coward harem protagonist so he'd rather run away than say, get a blowjob... read more

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