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Username Status Eps Rating
welgaia Stalled 3   4 star rating
weopold Stalled 11   not rated
wesjim500 Stalled 13   not rated
Whanhee Stalled 1   not rated
WhisperingSoul Stalled     not rated
Whitedead53 Stalled 1   not rated
whowasthat4444 Stalled 8   3.5 star rating
wickedshizuku Stalled 4   not rated
wildkard Stalled     not rated
willia99 Stalled 2   3.5 star rating
windcutter22 Stalled     not rated
Wingl3ss Stalled 4   3 star rating
winglesz13 Stalled     not rated
winterseeds Stalled 5   2.5 star rating
wisepop Stalled 2   not rated
wizardforce Stalled 1   not rated
Wolfin Stalled 4   4 star rating
WolFx Stalled 10   3 star rating
WolfyCloud Stalled     not rated
wolfytears Stalled     not rated
woodenstarfish Stalled 2   3 star rating
worosei Stalled 4   not rated
Wotfreak Stalled 3   2 star rating
wowwatanerd Stalled     not rated
Wredny Stalled 3   not rated
Wuisma Stalled 4   2.5 star rating
xandersnape Stalled 7   not rated
XAwsomepandaX Stalled 2   not rated
xdavidx3 Stalled 1   not rated
xeciri Stalled 3   not rated
xelu01 Stalled 5   not rated
Xenam Stalled     not rated
xeno Stalled     not rated
Xermalk Stalled     not rated
xhunterzerox Stalled 4   2.5 star rating
xiocat Stalled 6   not rated
xLithium Stalled 7   2.5 star rating
xmegachris Stalled 2   not rated
xmiku Stalled 1   not rated
xmomijix Stalled 3   4 star rating
XmonoXchromeX Stalled 6   5 star rating
xonzobad Stalled 1   not rated
Xplayer Stalled 2   not rated
XPLogan Stalled 4   not rated
xpromisesxx Stalled 5   3 star rating
XSwarrier Stalled     not rated
xtruder Stalled 5   not rated
xVV Stalled 2   not rated
xxFallen4rmGracexx Stalled 6   not rated
xXFallenAngelXx Stalled     not rated