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Best OSTs of All Time (Ranked)by goodycandy741

The animes that had OSTs that left the biggest impact on me are listed below. (OVAs, second seasons, etc.'s OSTs will be counted as part of the first/original season.)

Tear-Jerkers (All Time)by goodycandy741

List of Anime that have made me cry. (From once or twice to 11306067864563452648 times.) Ranked in order from the ones that made me cry the most to the ones where only a couple of tears were shed.

Romance Ranking (All Time)by goodycandy741

Ranking of all the Romance anime I've seen so far. (OVAs, specials, etc. of TV series will not be included.) I've included some anime that aren't tagged under "romance" that I feel should be.

Must Watch Animeby WaveMasterJohn

Every person who watches anime should see these.

top 10 animeby LastActionCowboy

A list of my top ten anime at the moment. AN. Clannad and Clannad after story are the same series and are both at the number 1 spot. That is why there are 11 shows on this list as opposed to 10.