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A thousand-year-old legend tells the tale of Kannabi no Mikoto, a young priestess who is one of the last mystical winged beings in the world. Unfortunately she carries a horrible curse: she must die and be reborn each time she becomes too close to someone. Kanna was locked away in her own temple because of her feared powers, and not even allowed to see her own mother who was in a similar situation elsewhere. However, in her lonely days Kanna fell in love with one of her guards, Ryuya; and with the help of Uruha, one of Kanna's servants, the three of them escaped. Will Kanna be able to avoid extinction in the journey to find her mother?

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mahius's avatar
mahius Nov 4, 2014
Score 9/10

This summer special further explores the flashback backstory from the main series. The events are set during the middle of episode 8, so if one wants to watch thhis alongside, I'd suggest watching this after episode 8. This follows the day to day life and comedic escapades of Kanna and her guardians Uruha and Ryuya during their journey to find Kanna's mother. And of course this is set during summer. Watch this... read more

Madoka's avatar
Madoka Aug 29, 2011
Score 9/10

Air summer specials are the ending OVA's in the seris provided in the dvd boxset and fortells the story the story of Kannabi no Mikoto and her friend  Uraha and there guard Ryuya and there journey to help Kannabi meet her mother. Story: The story of the Ova episodes follows... read more

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