AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission

OVA (3 eps)
2.265 of 5 from 2,633 votes
Rank #5,710

Aika Sumeragi is still in high school, but having already earned her C-class salvager's license, she has no need for career counseling. While Eri, the class president, takes a dim view on Aika advertising her services at school, she seems to have no qualms about hiring her herself on behalf of the school's Treasure Hunting Club. A girl named Karen has mysterious tattoo which contains a hidden clue to the whereabouts of something unknown, and after packing their short skirts and panties, the club sets out on a journey to discover the answer; but not everyone on board is who they seem to be. Aika's first job is turning out to be far more serious than she originally thought; and thus, her illustrious career as a panty-flashing secret agent begins!

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Funkgun Mar 23, 2010
Score 3/10

This is the worlds quickest review. I can sum the show up with one line. Underwear, lots of it. STORY Underwear,   Lots of it.  ANIMATION (colorful) Underwear Lots of it SOUND Average  (if underwear made noise, I am sure it would have been here) CHARACTERS A moving stroke of deep emotional story telling, with strong emotional women, wound tight with a sisterhood of care and love... read more

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roriconfan Jan 4, 2012
Score 3/10

ART & SOUND SECTION: 6/10 [Argh! Help! I’m blinded by all the panties flashing before my eyes.]
Well, nothing bad about it. The women look ok and so do their white panties. They talk in a lukewarm and uninteresting way. Their motion during fights and the music themes have spice. The angle of the camera shots are mostly worm view, for obvious reasons. The shadowing effects are of average quality... read more

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