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Ai Monogatari: 9 Love Stories

Alt titles: 9 Love Stories

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2.382 out of 5 from 305 votes
Rank #4,028


Young love remains in the hearts of so many; and it is this love that is explored within nine stories. A man meets his first love again -- a wild girl from his youth that was into the Beatles; a high school Rugby manager meets the team's star again after so many years; a salaryman falls for a mobster's girlfriend; and another leaves his small-town love to live life in a big city, and meets a girl that resembles her ten years later. Relationships aren't always as simple as just loving someone; sometimes it takes time to learn how to love.

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Name Role
Hiroshi HAMASAKI Character Design
Takashi ANNO Director
Koji MORIMOTO Director
Iku SUZUKI Director
Koji SAWAI Director
Tomomi MOCHIZUKI Director
Mamoru HAMATSU Director
Hiroshi HAMASAKI Director
Hidetoshi OOMORI Director

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I think anyone who liked the drama and romance from either anime would be captivated all over again. At the same time I see similar artstyle that reflects the early 90's animation. The music was fun, and familiar.