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Ah! My Goddess

Ah! My Goddess main image more screenshots
3.645 out of 5 from 11,858 votes
Rank #1,370

User Stats - Dropped

Username Status Eps Rating
0animepanda0 Dropped 5   0.5 star rating
1awesomeanimegirl Dropped 2   not rated
850 Dropped 2   3 star rating
abavon Dropped 1   3 star rating
ablucky13 Dropped 3   not rated
abs Dropped 5   not rated
AccioMusic Dropped 3   1.5 star rating
acebea Dropped     not rated
adam0w1 Dropped     0.5 star rating
Adamrathi Dropped 1   3.5 star rating
Aellis Dropped 1   2.5 star rating
Aeonite Dropped     not rated
Aerithculticie Dropped     not rated
aeropostale128 Dropped     not rated
Aestus Dropped 2   1 star rating
af0nyah Dropped     1.5 star rating
Ailana Dropped     not rated
aimzdy Dropped 3   not rated
Aisuru Dropped     4 star rating
AkaKage Dropped     not rated
AkaneTendo Dropped     not rated
AkatsukiHaruka Dropped 5   3.5 star rating
Alaska Dropped 1   not rated
Alcest Dropped 1   not rated
alexandergifford Dropped 5   not rated
alexmoba Dropped     1.5 star rating
AliciaMonkey Dropped     not rated
alnipotence Dropped 1   not rated
Aloriality Dropped 4   not rated
amberpotter Dropped 1   0.5 star rating
Amfini Dropped 2   not rated
Amprenta Dropped 2   not rated
Anderea Dropped     not rated
angelineyeap Dropped 1   2.5 star rating
Angelkun Dropped 4   2 star rating
AngelLexi Dropped 1   0.5 star rating
angelofsorrow Dropped 5   not rated
anifanimation Dropped     not rated
AnimeAmbushed Dropped 1   not rated
AnimeCrush Dropped 1   not rated
animelover5 Dropped 5   not rated
animelover571 Dropped 1   not rated
AnimeLover8202 Dropped     not rated
animelust Dropped     not rated
animeplanet0 Dropped 1   not rated
animeprincess1993 Dropped     3 star rating
animeqween34 Dropped     not rated
AnimeRandomness Dropped 1   not rated
AnimeRockz Dropped 2   1.5 star rating
Animesaints Dropped     not rated