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May 9, 2011

Overall, I really liked this series. There were plot holes (like how Keiichi made enough to feed not ony one but three goddesses) but we can assume it's all taken care of by Belldandy's contract.

Story: The concept is nothing new. A boy, down on his luck, is given a gift by a higher power. The twist of the sisters, and Urd's background, help to build the relationship between Keiichi and Belldandy. The storyline is an expanded version of the OVA, with some difference in the introduction of the characters.

Animation: The animation is beautifully done, with sweeping background scenes.

Sound: From random Enka music to the thunderclap of Urd's lightening strikes, the sounds are clear and well executed.

Characters: Belldandy and her sisters (named for the Norse Norms) provide a colorful group. They all have strange quirks, like Urd's hatred of Enka music. The main antagonist, Marller is fairly useless and often there for comedy.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Nov 19, 2013

Ah! My Goddess


7. Keichi is living a boring high school life, far away from his family. His club members from the male-exclusive Auto Club take advantage of him all the time and his love life is inexistent. But that all changes when he accidentally calls the Goddess Assistance Agency. He meets up with the beautiful Belldandy, who claims to be a Goddess from heaven who can grant him one single wish to reward the compassion he has for other people. Strangely enough, Keichi doesn’t ask the Goddess for wealth, fame, popularity or immortality, the things I’d most likely ask when I had the chance, but he asks her to stay by his side forever. The innocent Belldandy immediately accepts her fate and starts a new life on earth together with Keichi.

Plot and pace

6. The series had a lot of potential. I rushed through the first twelve or so episodes in merely two days and had a pleasant watch, but then the creators decided to take a different road. While the first episodes were based on Keichi developing feelings for Belldandy and ultimately even trying to confess to her - this being very hard for him because he’s a loser who’s never been with a girl before - , halfway through the series they started adding a lot of irrelevant new side-stories, some more ridiculous than others, and also some annoying new characters. It says a lot when I found the OVA’s the most enjoyable episodes since halfway through the Anime.


5. There are only some cliffhangers in the last three episodes of the Anime. They tried to give a thrilling ending to an Anime that outshines in randomness, but failed. You never get the feeling that anyone’s in grave danger. Most of the problems get resolved by simply adding some new content about the Goddess powers to the series that the viewer didn’t know about. Clever, AIC, clever!

Satisfying ending

5. This is one of those cliché series where you know beforehand that nothing’s actually going to happen. Keichi never really dares to make his move, and when he’s getting there, some kind of interruption always comes in-between them. The last three episodes formed a darker story that didn’t fit the series and could never be taken seriously. But hey! They needed to have at least some kind of conclusion that didn’t include Keichi and Belldandy getting intimate, right?


4. I wouldn’t watch this story again. While Belldandy is a lovely character and the story was somewhat fun to watch at first, there are too many drawbacks and nearly no progression whatsoever. I can already predict what will happen - or won’t happen - in the second season, and that’s keeping me from watching it right now. Maybe I will watch the second season in the future.


6. The characters are just so-so. Some are great, other fail to give the story any added value and could be just left out of season two for all I care. Belldandy, obviously, is the star of the show. She is kind, powerful and got the looks. But her innocence and ignorance about relationships and her low knowledge about the earth give the viewer who expects some kind of romantic conclusion few to be cheering about. Keichi is a sad unlucky fool, but at least he’s come to accept it like I did. His club consisted of two funny guys and a whiney  bitch who received no less than a full episode to groan and moan about her incompetence to get anything right. then there’s Belldandy’s sisters. The hatred I felt for these imbeciles… They could best hope that my foot won’t hit them on the way out of this show. The elder one is selfish and in the end almost destroyed the earth, while the younger one is a brat that can’t stand Belldandy and Keichi getting intimate and always intervenes when they do. Other than that, their whole background, personality and reasons for being in this show are as redundant as looking for water in the middle of the desert.


7. The story never gets hard to follow. All of the romantic scenes end with the same cliché sentences like “I want to be with you forever” or “I’ll protect you”. their babbling never goes any deeper than that, but because this show was apparently made for kids I don’t think they would mind.

Art Style

8. Everything in this show looks pleasant and appropriate. The characters look great and so do the backgrounds. The Anime has a modern look, even though it’s already eight years old.


5. The viewer gets to see certain parts of heaven where they’re working hard to keep the earth in balance, but other than that everything takes place either at the school Belldandy and Keichi go to or the temple they borrowed from a monk who never returns home.

Music and sounds

7. The sound effects are spot on, the voice acting acceptable. The intro song is decent and suitable. The ending song was awkward, but I never really kept listening to hear the end of it. The villains and good guys can easily be separated from one another by just listening to their voices.

Overall score


7/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Jan 23, 2011

I liked the Oh! My Goddess OVA series and the movie back in the 90ies. I also enjoyed reading the manga despite the fact that I technically was too young to read it (I was only 11 when I started reading it and it is definitely not for children). I was then excited when I heard of a new TV series coming out in 2005 and immediately watched the fansub version when it became available. However, I was slightly disappointed with the character designs. I thought Belldandy looked gibbled and Keiichi didn’t look much like Keiichi (he looked older despite being a college student). I gave up watching it after episode 1 because I couldn’t get used to the new character designs.

5 years later, I decided to give the series another chance. I am trying not to view things online when they are available for purchasing so I bought the complete series from my anime dealer for $10 brand new. During a ferry ride to the island to visit my family, I sat down and watched a few episodes on my laptop. 5 episodes later, I was hooked. The designs grew on me and I couldn’t help but find the episode stories heartwarming and cute. Urd has become one of my favorite characters due to her sexiness and badassness. At times I felt sorry for Keiichi for trying his best to keep the Goddesses’s true identities a secret. Yet the outcomes can be pretty funny, especially when the minor characters are left scratching their heads over certain, abnormal, circumstances that occur during the series (like Keichii sprouting massive boobs thanks to Skuld).

I highly recommend this series if you like cute, mushy, magical girl, love stories with a dash of comedy.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Apr 30, 2010


Ah! My Goodness! (Pun intended) This anime has been a real refresher course for me after seeing so many serious anime and dragging myself through 009-1.  The story wasn't so demanding that every episode was a necessity, but it was certainly not in one's best interest to miss more than that at any given point in time.

Moving slowly and gracefully the series tackles what Hollywood fails at time, and time again, the Comedy-Romance genre.  With a unique blend of Comedy at what I would say was 70% overall and the Romance being roughly 30%, Ah! My Goddess Season 1 progressively developed the love relationship it intended without being too redundant. Occasionally, we run across the obvious, misunderstood jealousy that could easily be explained away if only the person writing the script weren't so desperate to ascertain some sort of conflict, anyone who has been dragged to a few chick flicks can attest to this growing cliché. Despite these shortcomings the series has some reasonable situations to which I can feel for the opposing party and understand why they'd jump to conclusions, which is more than I can say for most other pieces in this genre.  I thought the story was somewhat slow moving with a couple needless filler segments, but I found myself enjoying the serene feel of it all.


The animation of Ah! My Goddess is ultimately unimpressive, calling upon the traditional style of big eyed, small mouthed character art, there is really not much to praise for the most part, although, because it doesn't fall short of the general medium that the masses of series have constructed, there is not much to complain about either.  There is something, however, that I do enjoy, and that is the beautiful animation of the special effects caused by the magic used throughout the show.  With bright calming lights and easy swirling motions, beauty is certainly not something that this series is lacking. Another word of praise goes out to the ability for the animation to avoid the overdone Ecchi style anime with excessive accessories upon all women.  Ah! My Goddess is a gem amongst kindred series in the regard of its respect for women and the fact that it doesn't often portray women in a derogatory sense.


Going through it, there is scarcely a moment where I caught myself admiring the sound. I enjoyed the intro song which has a nice bagpipe tune that was very refreshing and fairly unique. From the beginning to the end of every episode there were light melodies, wind chimes, and the occasional explosion special effect, not uncommon with most Comedy-Romance media (aside from the explosions of course hehe).


The characters, the people, what glues it all together and makes it worth watching in the end (hopefully).  The characters of this sweet and tender series are adorable, Keiichi Morisato is the main man and despite his being in college I can't help but think Middle School student when I take into account the way that he acts around women, although, I do agree with many of the ideals that the show upholds through his person. Keiichi makes me laugh and even face-palm often which may be a poor description but that is the best way I can describe him without divulging too much info about the series itself!  The other main heads of the show are each unique in their own way and it is nice to see the development of each in their own directions rather than the common "clone" characters seen in many other anime.


In a general overview Ah! My Goddess is a stroll through a grassy park on a sun-lit day, a slight breeze moves through your hair and you feel serenity pass over.  It is a lot of fun, and has enough romance to keep you interested but not overwhelmed, I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone, even us guys out there! :)

7/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Oct 11, 2009

Mirasato Keiichi is the unluckiest person alive. Although he is genuinely a nice guy, bad things always seem to happen to him. Constantly turned down by girls and mistreated by the guys in his university dorm, Keiichi shoulders his burdens quietly. One night, while trying to make a phone call, Keiichi inadvertently dials the Goddess Assistance Hotline. It would seem that Heaven has not been blind to his misfortunes and has sent the goddess Belldandy to grant him one wish. Belldandy is so beautiful and so kind to him that he spontaneously wishes that she can stay with him. Forever. In what can only be described as His unending sense of humor, God allows the wish to be granted and Belldandy is Keiichi’s forever with all the benefits and problems that come with her.

I've had enough of sappy, fuzzy, feel good, love stories where the girl/guy/main lead is just sickeningly perfect and cute! Well, okay.  I guess I have room for one more.  And if I could only have one more romantic comedy, it would definitely be this one.  I confess that Ah! My Goddess! is a little sappy at times, but it is a romance after all.  The characterization make it more believable and Belldandy is more likeable for her sweet personality and naivete than any other anime character that I've seen.  The flaws of the other characters only add to the humor.  Urd, Belldandy's older sister, having grown bored with the excruciatingly slow pace of Keichi's romance with her little sis (and believe me, when I say excruciatingly slow, I mean it) decides to skip out on her heavenly duties and grace the couple with her presence, and her advice.  "Advice" that comes in a variety of hilarious forms, from potions to mind control.  Skuld, Belldandy's younger sister, has had enough with Keichi's goddess monopolization and decides to try to put a stop to it once and for all.  Good characterization gives us just enough of those side characters, and as arrogant as Urd is, or as bossy as Skuld is there are specific insecurities that make these goddesses refreshingly human.  And, ironically, it is Urd who often points out things about Belldandy which remind us that she isn't perfect either.

The story is pretty easy going and moves at a relaxed pace.  While never falling into a rut or becoming boring, it isn't exactly edge-of-your-seat either.  Accurately labeled as a comedy, Ah! My Goddess! has its somber issues as well and while these are often short-lived and fairly few they really are wonderful moments in the series.

The animation is not really anything to stand up and cheer over but the colors are very pretty.  The character design is pleasing without falling into sugar-induced-coma cuteness.  Thank god(dess).  I adore the musical score in this series, especially the opening theme and Ah! My Goddess! is one of the few series that I will sit through the opening of every episode.

Recommended audience:  Ah! My Goddess! is very family-friendly, with the only objectionable material being Urd's clothes, probably.  There is a demon in the series, but her idea of suffering is to make you drop your icecream in the dirt or break your shoelaces.  The language is fine, the fan service is minimal, and there is no violence.  Fine for anyone old enough to understand the content.

Ah! My Goddess! is one of the ultimate feel-good anime series and it does just that.  If 10 is the highest score I can give it, I guess I will settle for it.  Subract 3 or 4 points if you just need something to explode or someone to get their head cut off.  Or if you just don't have a sense of humor.  10/10

10/10 story
7/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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