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ilyarad's avatar By on Oct 25, 2014

Storyline is good but not great it misses some suspension elements and overall it's a good anime to watch if you like a serie which isnt going in a distincitve way but is very relaxing to watch because the plot is simple and the characters are funny

6/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Jehowi's avatar By on Nov 19, 2013

Ah! My Goddess


7. Keichi is living a boring high school life, far away from his family. His club members from the male-exclusive Auto Club take advantage of him all the time and his love life is inexistent. But that all changes when he accidentally calls the Goddess Assistance Agency. He meets up with the beautiful Belldandy, who claims to be a Goddess from heaven who can grant him one single wish to reward the compassion he has for other people. Strangely enough, Keichi doesn’t ask the Goddess for wealth, fame, popularity or immortality, the things I’d most likely ask when I had the chance, but he asks her to stay by his side forever. The innocent Belldandy immediately accepts her fate and starts a new life on earth together with Keichi.

Plot and pace

6. The series had a lot of potential. I rushed through the first twelve or so episodes in merely two days and had a pleasant watch, but then the creators decided to take a different road. While the first episodes were based on Keichi developing feelings for Belldandy and ultimately even trying to confess to her - this being very hard for him because he’s a loser who’s never been with a girl before - , halfway through the series they started adding a lot of irrelevant new side-stories, some more ridiculous than others, and also some annoying new characters. It says a lot when I found the OVA’s the most enjoyable episodes since halfway through the Anime.


5. There are only some cliffhangers in the last three episodes of the Anime. They tried to give a thrilling ending to an Anime that outshines in randomness, but failed. You never get the feeling that anyone’s in grave danger. Most of the problems get resolved by simply adding some new content about the Goddess powers to the series that the viewer didn’t know about. Clever, AIC, clever!

Satisfying ending

5. This is one of those cliché series where you know beforehand that nothing’s actually going to happen. Keichi never really dares to make his move, and when he’s getting there, some kind of interruption always comes in-between them. The last three episodes formed a darker story that didn’t fit the series and could never be taken seriously. But hey! They needed to have at least some kind of conclusion that didn’t include Keichi and Belldandy getting intimate, right?


4. I wouldn’t watch this story again. While Belldandy is a lovely character and the story was somewhat fun to watch at first, there are too many drawbacks and nearly no progression whatsoever. I can already predict what will happen - or won’t happen - in the second season, and that’s keeping me from watching it right now. Maybe I will watch the second season in the future.


6. The characters are just so-so. Some are great, other fail to give the story any added value and could be just left out of season two for all I care. Belldandy, obviously, is the star of the show. She is kind, powerful and got the looks. But her innocence and ignorance about relationships and her low knowledge about the earth give the viewer who expects some kind of romantic conclusion few to be cheering about. Keichi is a sad unlucky fool, but at least he’s come to accept it like I did. His club consisted of two funny guys and a whiney  bitch who received no less than a full episode to groan and moan about her incompetence to get anything right. then there’s Belldandy’s sisters. The hatred I felt for these imbeciles… They could best hope that my foot won’t hit them on the way out of this show. The elder one is selfish and in the end almost destroyed the earth, while the younger one is a brat that can’t stand Belldandy and Keichi getting intimate and always intervenes when they do. Other than that, their whole background, personality and reasons for being in this show are as redundant as looking for water in the middle of the desert.


7. The story never gets hard to follow. All of the romantic scenes end with the same cliché sentences like “I want to be with you forever” or “I’ll protect you”. their babbling never goes any deeper than that, but because this show was apparently made for kids I don’t think they would mind.

Art Style

8. Everything in this show looks pleasant and appropriate. The characters look great and so do the backgrounds. The Anime has a modern look, even though it’s already eight years old.


5. The viewer gets to see certain parts of heaven where they’re working hard to keep the earth in balance, but other than that everything takes place either at the school Belldandy and Keichi go to or the temple they borrowed from a monk who never returns home.

Music and sounds

7. The sound effects are spot on, the voice acting acceptable. The intro song is decent and suitable. The ending song was awkward, but I never really kept listening to hear the end of it. The villains and good guys can easily be separated from one another by just listening to their voices.

Overall score


7/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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charvisioku's avatar By on Dec 3, 2012


The premise of Ah! My Goddess is quite original; Keiichi, a bit of a loser with terrible bad luck, is using the phone one night when he accidentally gets through to the 'Goddess Hotline' which sends him a goddess who says she'll grant one wish.

Rather than money or power, Keiichi's wish is that a goddess like her would stay with him forever; this leads to a romantic comedy which is, in my opinion at least, very well-executed.

Belldandy (the goddess) and Keiichi end up living together in a temple which is given to them to look after whilst its owner goes off on his travels to attempt to attain more enlightenment. The anime basically follows the relationship of the pair as it develops (very slowly) and the problems they sometimes face, mainly due to Keiichi's horrendous bad luck.

It flows quite well, and the later introduction of Belldandy's sisters Urd and Skuld helps a lot with the comedy aspect of the series. Over time the relationship between Belldandy and Keiichi grows and develops despite the attempts of friends and relatives to get in the way. I ended up caring quite a lot about whether things would work out for them, and unlike most series of this genre AMG managed to grip me through both series.

One thing I can say about AMG is that it manages to use ecchi (which I normally find annoying and pointless) in a way that increases the comedy and actually fits in with the context/story.


The backgrounds were generally quite badly drawn, but I don't personally pay much attention to those anyway. The characters, on the other hand, were all beautifully coloured and animated. I love the designs of Urd and Belldandy, and the art matched up to the story and characters perfectly.


The voice-overs were fairly average - nothing you wouldn't find elsewhere - but I've generally come to expect that, what with there being so many animes out there. They did suit the characters for the most part (I watched it Subbed) and I would definitely watch other animes with the same voice actors in. The few episodes I did watch dubbed were horrific and I advise you never to go there. Please. For your own sake. I have to take a full point off for the dubs, they really were that bad - especially Belldandy.

As a whole, the music was good and in keeping with the themes and moods of the anime.


Although some of the characters were fairly generic, it worked. Belldandy and Keiichi remind me very strongly of Chii and Hideki of Chobits, which is another really good anime rom-com. I would recommend watching Chobits if you do like AMG.

Belldandy herself is a good character in the sense that she's very innocent and well-meaning. One thing I didn't like about her was her complete subservience to Keiichi, but this was mostly counter-acted by Keiichi being very humble; he never orders her around or anything like that so it doesn't seem like servitude as much as wanting to please him because she loves him. Besides, I'm fairly sure my dislike for it is purely to do with cultural differences.

Urd is probably my favourite character - she's always trying to 'seduce' Keiichi but her ulterior motive is to get him to man up and confess his feelings to Belldandy - something he really does need a kick up the backside with. Plus, as I said earlier she manages to bring ecchi into the anime which is actually funny.

Skuld is your typical whiny little sister; doesn't want big sister to be taken away from her, makes herself into a class A nuisance in an attempt to prevent it. She's very annoying.

Marrler was the worst one for me. I won't say what it is because that would be a spoiler (I think), but her weakness is just downright stupid. She's a pathetic excuse for a demon and I honestly think the series would have been better if they'd changed her into a more formidable enemy (I know it's a light-hearted series but there is a limit...).

Keiichi... well, he's nothing new. Unlucky with women, money and everything else. Clueless when it comes to romance. Essentially good-hearted. Bit of a cookie-cutter character but it wouldn't really work if he was any other way.

The only other character I can think of worth mentioning is Sayoko. She's a complete bitch and just wants Keiichi so she can spite Belldandy, since she feels threatened by her. She can't stand the idea of another girl getting attention from the guys at university, so she tries her best to humiliate Belldandy and steal Keiichi from her. I wanted to strangle her all the way through.


AMG is a harem involving goddesses, which incorporates a lot of situational comedy and focuses on the relationship between Keiichi, a human, and one of the goddesses, Belldandy. It's a good anime to watch if you like rom-coms and even as someone who isn't usually into that kind of thing I would highly recommend it.


*Chobits (many similarities in relationship dynamics)

*Ouran High School Host Club (vaguely similar humour)

7/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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shrekfx's avatar By on Aug 31, 2012

This is a great story.. I was kinda worried at first because it sounds to be a girly type story, but after watching a couple episodes, I fell in love with it.  There really isn't much to complain about this anime to be honest. I highly recomend watching this when you get a chance.

10/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Alphaman's avatar By on May 15, 2012

This was a great anime, I loved Belldandy, Urd, Skuld, Keiichi, and everyone else, it got weird at times but that just made it interesting. Everytime Belldandy and Keiichi were almost there, I was at the edge of my seat until Skuld or someone else came in and messed it up and all my emotion blew up without anywhere to go. I was extremely happy when the second season came out and watched every single episode immediately on youtube, (I've watched it about 3 times now) This anime will definite remain as one of my favorites for a long time, if not, forever.

10/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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