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Ah! My Goddess

Alt titles: Oh My Goddess!

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3.652 out of 5 from 11,871 votes
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Keiichi Morisato is just your average college student until one day, fate interjects as he makes a call for take-out food. Unknown to him, he reaches the Goddess Help Line, and contacts a goddess named Belldandy, who grants him a wish. Thinking it to be a joke, Keiichi wishes for her to be his girlfriend 'forever'.

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Adventures of Mini-Goddess, The TV 1998 Same Franchise
Ah! My Goddess: The Movie Movie 2000 TBD
Ah! My Goddess TV TV 2005 Remake
Ah! My Goddess TV Specials DVD Special 2005 Same Franchise
Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy TV 2006 TBD
Ah! My Goddess: Fighting Wings TV Special 2007 TBD
Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy Specials DVD Special 2007 TBD
Ah! My Goddess (2011) OVA 2011 TBD

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Adventures of the Mini-Goddess   Same Franchise
Ah! My Goddess 1988 TBD
Ah! My Goddess First End (Light Novel) 2006 TBD
Name Role
Hidenori MATSUBARA Character Design
Hiroaki GOHDA Director
Takeshi YASUDA Music
Kosuke FUJISHIMA Original Manga Creator

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Title Author Score Date
Ah! My Goddess sothis 6/10 Aug 6, 2005
Oh My Goddess! sothis 6/10 Aug 6, 2005

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Ah! My Goddess GeneH 10/10 Feb 4, 2012
Oh My Goddess! GeneH 10/10 Feb 4, 2012
Ah! My Goddess RoBorg 7/10 Jul 29, 2011
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Please Teacher

Please Teacher

Kei Kusanagi is a shy teenage boy with no romantic experience whatsoever... until he finds out that his hot new teacher is actually an alien! In order to conceal her identity, the two are forced into a pretend marriage... but is it really a pretense, or are they actually falling in love?

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Another Kei, and another character brought to life by the wonderful voice of Inoue Kikuko. Another cute one, but one that actually has an ending that's the beginning.
If you enjoyed the romantic and somewhat comedic atmosphere, this series is just the thing, consider it has the same voice actor as Belldandy and the same director. The series also leaves you with that "warm and fuzzy feeling inside."
Very similar plot. This is like AMG with goddess replaced with aliens.
Onegai Teacher is an interesting series. It is both serious and comical, a scifi, a romance and a character piece, it has fanservice, but also has extremely tasteful treatment of sexuality and romance in general. The sci fi elements should appeal to those who do not want a series completely based in reality. More Oh My Goddess than To Heart.
Another story of a guy getting in a relationship with someone who's totally out of this world.
The plot twist is quite similar, with it being a student and teacher forced to being married after they are discovered in a gym supply closet. A touching story that any A!MG fan would like.
Mystic girls appearing from nowhere and young cute guys totally obsessed with them? then this is what you are looking for. Onegai teatcher is abit more ecchi than Ah! my goddess but still really alike
Another romance story fighting against all the odds. A shy bloke finds himself unexpectedly living with a woman, throw in the magical/out of this world element and you have the premise for a good comedy/romance.
I pretty much agree with everyone else that has made a recommendation. Start with shy student. Enter supernatural hot female, take your pick, alien or goddess. BAM! You got some chemistry going. Each series has its own nice romantic touch to it but in its basic elements they are the same. These series complement each other well.
Ah! Megami-sama and Onegai Teacher are both outlandish romantic anime series about a typical loser character getting together with a truly wonderful woman. A bit contrived, but a staple in anime, sure to please hopeless romantics and fanboys alike.
Shy young man, no romantic experience, suddenly living with a girl...

Both the plot and idea are very alike in these two anime. Please Teacher and Ah My Goddess are both romantic comedies where the romance isn't pushed back too much. If you want another good romance story with a lot of humour, you should check this one out.


Both of these stories are about a poor and useless sap who finds himself guiltlessly in a long-term, intimate one-on-one relationship with someone way out of his league.

They are different in the fact that Please Teacher has a progressive story line, where Ah! My Goddess tends to be more episodic with smaller plot arcs.


Many parallels between the two love stories that other posters have noted (nonhuman but beautiful female makes contract with ordinary male human, followed by visits from nonhuman older relative and nonhuman bratty imouto-chan and by an eventual separation crisis), but two things rarely mentioned are (1) the female love interest in both is voiced (in Japanese) by Inoue Kikuko, and (2) Hiroaki Gouda was heavily involved in the production of both (he directed OMG and was the character designer for Please Teacher). Sure, Please Teacher is a little more H, but the look and feel of the two series are just so similar -- partially because some of the same people made them happen.


In both these series a college student

finds their life suddenly changed for the better after a chance encounter with a beautiful woman who later becomes their love interest. Also, the main characters are very similar


Both of these shows involve a normal guy suddenly having a strange girl trown into their life. The girls are also both stuck with them and closely. Both have great comedy about their strungle to get closer as couples. Also in both they must keep the girl's idetity a secreat. Both are full of laughs, sweet moments, and cuteness.


Sudden-girlfriend-appearance, misunderstandings forcing the main characters to live together, and otherworldly beings showing up on the protagonist's doorstep, what could be more similar?!



Having failed to earn admission to a university, Hideki Motosuwa has moved to the big city, determined to study his hardest for next year's exams. However, an unusual distraction presents itself one unsuspecting day in the form of Chii, a robotic young girl that has been discarded in the trash. In a world where an increasing number of people turn to these 'persocoms' for company, the bonds and limits of human relationships are tested as flesh manages to fall in love with the machine itself...

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Different story, similar humorous moments. More fan service.
Chobits is a bit more focused on the comedy aspect and the romantic aspect sorta starts slow....but if you're looking for one of those uplifting anime's this could be a good choice.

Like Ah! My Goddess, Chobits is another strange tale about a young man in school, who finds out what 'true love' really is in an odd sequence of events. If you liked one of these series, you should enjoy the other.

Hideki and Keiichi are both men who find themselves just miraculously put in a position many men (or fanboys) would envy. Chobits and Ah! My Goddess are both romantic series that focus on the trials and tribulations of human men trying to cope with loving women who aren't human. Touching and inspiring, both are beautifully written stories with very cute characters :)
Two typical comedy romance shows. Someone unfit in this world comes in and a love story unfolds which its problems of course. Obviously meant for the same public and both are quite the milestones in the anime world.
Following the slightly contrived plot of mr average gets supers sexy/cute girl (sort of girl.. i mean computer/robot or goddes...) by some lucky chance, you still have a series and movie that are well worth watching, though i dont know if they really needed beldandy's youngest sister (name escapes me.. sorry) but beyond that its pretty good, if not stunningly original

If you liked Ah! My Goddess, you would like Chobits because both are really cute love stories with a male lead and and a "non-human" female lead. Both series struggle with the same paradox: how do you confess your feelings (and admit them to yourself) of being in love with a goddess or machine?


Take a normal boy and put him in an extraordinary circumstance and you have a recipe for a great anime. If you like comedy, drama, and romance then Ah My Goddess and Chobits are right up your alley.


While the main character in Chobits is not quite as much of a loser as Keichi in Oh! My Goddess, both anime create a believable fantasy about a guy who gets a girl he doesn't believe he's worthy of. OMG, though, is much more beautifully-drawn and has a better story.


both are about hapless guys who's lives change drastically when attractive,clueless girls stumble into their lives through unusual circumstances. both try to be gentlemen while trying to explore their feelings for the girl with unusual powers. although there is more fan service in chobits.


Both series have a shy guy with a great girl.

Those girls aren't exactly your average highschool girl type, and both of those girls don't know much about the outside world, which creates awkward situations.

Both of them contain a high amount of humor, mistakes, miscommunications and are great animes.

I'd say, if you like one of them, you'll probably like the other one as well.


Chobits and AMG are two shows about a regular guy suddenly ending up living with a girl from one day to the other (an angel in AMG and android in Chobits to be precise). That's not where the similarity ends either. Both anime are romance series full of comedy where the two eventually hit obstacles they have to overcome in order to stay together. If you liked AMG, be sure to check Chobits out!


Both of these shows feature a loving girl that only wants to make the boy she loves happy. In Chobits the characters face more problems due to the girl being a robot, and in Ah! My Goddess they start out really strong and only start having any troubles near the end of the OVA.


These series each focus around a rather clueless/innocent male suddenly getting very close to an even more clueless/innocent female. If you enjoy that type of dynamic, with slow budding romances, these series go well together.


Take your average male student, and give him the girl of his dreams. Except, she isn't just any girl. Chii's an A.I. without a memory, and Belldandy's a goddess with heavenly powers. Hideki and Keiichi have basically no clue what to do with such a girl. Aside from Ah! My Goddess's older animation style, they are quite similar. I definitely think you'll like one if you liked the other.


Hideki and Keiichi are very similar - both incredibly naive and socially awkward college students, and both have big hearts and are fundamentally sweet.

There are so many similarities between these two animes, I think anyone who enjoys one will almost certainly enjoy the other... Chii and Belldandy are so alike. Both very innocent and naive to the ways of the world, both adorable and beautiful at the same time. Neither are human, which leads to them having very similar difficulties in dealing with society... Chii --> Panties. That's all I need to say on that~

They also both have a 'queen bee' on their cases, which is equally as annoying in both animes. Very catty, those 'popular' girls.

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Ai Yori Aoshi

Ai Yori Aoshi

Aoi Sakuraba, heir to the Sakura department store, has only one thing on her mind-- her beloved. Betrothed from a very young age, she has been in love with him, Kaoru Hanabishi, ever since. After Kaoru left his family, their bethrothal was nullified. Aoi sets out to find him. Will they be able to stand against the barriers that will try to keep them apart?

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not rated
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Also a romantic comedy about a guy and a girl under unatrual circomstances and the troubles they went through. only the guy is a less of a nerd and the setting is more normal.
Another love story. One that builds, but has as a main character an even better focussed and adjusted male.
Another great angsty/romance story with far fetched circumstances. Fighting against the odds to be with the one they love.
Both anime is a story about a guy and girl's sudden meeting. They start to live together and we will see how the bond between them turns out while there are people who stand between them. Altough Ah! My Goddess is fantasy based they're quite similar in concept.
Both are relatively calm, sweet romantic comedies, and the personalities of Kei and Kaoru, and Belldandy and Aoi are pretty similar.
AMG and Ai Yori Aoshi have 3 main things in common: An almost other worldly love interest for the main male character, a male lead that is almost too nice to be believed, and a seasons worth of one or the other of them wondering if the other really likes them. Both of these series generate the same sort of "will these two ever REALLY get together?" feeling. Both also incorperate the fairly standard parade of rival female characters who both vie for the male leads attention and provide contrast to the female lead's personallity.
Both Oh! My goddess and Ai yori aoshi are feel-good animes wich will calm you down and leave you in a nice mood. While neither series is very long, they still show very beutiful romance and both have their funny and sad moments. You will not regret watching these series, and if you like one, you'll like the other.
Both series feature girls that seem to be too good to be true: they are kind, sweet, thoughtful, skilled, and completely devoted to the man they love.
Ai Yori Aoshi is a good romantic anime, though nowhere near as good as Kare Kano or To Heart . The premise and beginning 5-7 episodes are extremely good, quality anime, but unfortunately the story lags a bit after the first 10 episodes or so. Also, the amount of fanservice decreases the impact of the quite innocent characters and storyline. All in all, definitely worth a look.

The story lines of both Ah! My Goddess and Ai Yori Aoshi distill down to a single central theme. That is loyalty! Kaoru Hanabishi and Keiichi Morisato have very little going in their favor on the surface. Very few find the real Kaoru or Keiichi until someone really special comes into their lives. For Kaoru it is Aoi Sakuraba his formerly bethrothed. For Keiichi it is a goddess named Belldandy. Both Aoi and Belldandy see more in their men than the outside world can see. Making the men see it is another matter.


Both anime are simple. They are just very romantic. The main hero is a boy attending school. Suddenly, a nice girl appears in his life and starts to live with him. Together, they come through various situation - romantic, funny, confusing and sometimes even sad. However, there are soon more girls in Ai Yori Aoshi and there are more sexual overtones I think while Ah my Goddes deals with magic..


Both series are about a couple that must over come many obstacles for their love. Both femals leads are girls that are just too good to be true for the male leads. They will do anything for the ones that they love. If you liked one you'll like the other.

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Love Hina

Love Hina

Keitaro Urashima is somewhat of a failure. In order to fulfill a promise he made to a girl fifteen years ago, he has tried time and again to get into Tokyo U but has never managed to pass the exam. However, fate smiles upon him and he ends up working for his aunt, managing an all-girls dorm! Living with the feral Kaolla, the timid Shinobu, the sake-loving Mitsune, the blade mistress Motoko and the punch-happy Naru, can Keitaro keep his focus and keep his promise? And will he ever end up meeting that girl from his past?

my list:

not rated
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10 people agree
Another romantic comedy about a guy and a girl under unatural circomstances and the troubles they have dealign with their feelings .
Different story, similar humorous moments. More Fan service added, better off reading the manga.
Let me be perfectly frank. Both of these series are feel-good classics that you really can't live without seeing at least once. Despite the amusing circumstances, both seem to be very able to elicit deep emotions among the most hard-hearted of viewers.
Ah! My Goddess has about all the ingredients that make a show like Love Hina a success. The "Harem" anime was made popular by entires such as Ah! My Goddess and Tenchi Muyo. Just keep in mind that Keiichi is not nearly as engaging a character as Keitaro, though Belldandy beats Naru any day.
Romantic comedy. One guy, several women. Sprinkle in a touch of magical themes into the stories (there's a flying turtle) and you have a story pretty much on par with Ah! My Goddess.

Both Love Hina and Ah! My Goddess involves a guy who essentially is unsuccessful with girls, who lives in a big house with a number of women. The guy will fall in love with one of them. The other girls will sometimes try to mess it up and sometimes try to help their relationship.

Both series' humour is concentrated at either embarrasing situations, women doing unfeminine things or the male lead's friends totaly messing something up. Ie both are really funny series. ^_^

In Love Hina there is, however, very few magical girls. So if you liked that in Ah! My Goddess you will be a bit disappointed with Love Hina - but only a bit. There are magical girls in Love Hina, they just don't appear as often.



Even though the situations are different and so are the characters'  personalities, I recommend these anime because they still have many similarities. The male is single and always misunderstood because of his clumsiness and actions, but he tries his best to be true to himself and those around him. The characters are given a chance to get what they want in life, but they must earn it by overcoming what they think they can't: becoming confident in themselves.


It's sad to say that when a boy is in love, it's hard to tell how he might act. AMG and Love Hina are funny love stories to have at home, and are fit for all ages.


both these series are about a down on his luck loser who ends up getting a hot girl how they do it however is where they quite differ as one in this case keitaro urashima ends up becoming the manager of an inn which he finds out the hard way is really an all girls dorm with quite the crew of characters who at first dont like him a bit and like even less now that he's the manager of their dorm.

but in the other however the way he keiichi morisato in this case ends up with the girl of his dreams the goddess beldandy is as he's dialing he calls a wrong number and she comes to him from his mirror shocked at what just happened he decides to make the wish of a lifetime:to have her as his girlfriend forever.

as the story progresses however the two face a lot of hardships trials and tribulations as keiichi stays with beldandy there seem to be no end to the things trying to pull the two apart whether it be the so-called queen of the campus or perhaps a demon named marller or even beldandy's bratty sister skuld despite her older sister urd's attempts at pushing the two closer together.

as for keitaro a recurring promise that he made 15 years ago to go tokyo u with a girl leads him to believe that one of the girls particularly the one he's in love with naru narusegawa is the girl whom he made his promise with but it is later revealed that such is not the case but through hard times the two stick it out together and manage in the end to fall in love with each other on their way to making it into tokyo u together

overall i would so totally recommend both these animes as they are actully quite a lot of fun to look at and i enjoyed both of them as i am sure you will too especially if the classic romantic comedy drama anime is your style iwould most definitely recommend both as worth watching because what ifound is that not only are both quite funny both they also have quite the serious side to them most fans would sooner discriminate against them calling them harem animes and not even give them a second thought however if you give them a chance you'll find that these anime are just as much worth watching as any other anime!


it-s the same story situation and characters , one that carry inside love but can-t say to her lover

Video Girl AI

Video Girl AI

Yota is a young man who is in love with his friend Moemi, but there's a catch: she's confessed her love for his best friend! Heartbroken, he finds himself in a mysterious video store that offers him Ai, a video girl who can fulfill his every desire. Thanks to his broken VCR, this dream becomes reality when she suddenly... emerges from the TV?! With a real life video girl on his hands to give advice and set him straight, Yota might just stand a chance of winning over the heart of Moemi, and curing his unbearable heartache...

my list:

not rated
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8 people agree
Very similar to AMG OVA is a lot of points: relationship between the main character (a boy) and a girl who comes out from nowhere. Some drama, some romance... Both are very good animes.

Video Girl Ai and Oh! My Goddess both use a very common fantasy woman to help a boy realize what love truly is. They each have distinct styles, but the themes are the same.

Both of these series are (relatively) innocent romances between a shy, male Japanese high school student and a mysterious, supernatural girl who enters his life. Ah! Megami-sama is probably higher on the kawaii factor, and Video Girl Ai is a little more humorous. If you enjoyed one, you will almost certainly like the other.
The Story is similar. If you like AMG! you will also like VGAi.
Both Oh! My Goddess and Video Girl Ai are sweet short stories about difficulties of falling in love with a magical almost-human girl ^^;; Of these two I prefer Goddess, but Ai is cute too, though it has a bit of ecchi.
Very similar feel in many ways, and you should enjoy the light-hearted romantic elements of it.

Both series have a very sugary sweet romance that involves a magical girl with a normal guy. If you like that type of premise, then both Ah! My Goddess and Video Girl Ai are for you.


Both series are about forbidden love around either goddess or video girl. If you like fantasy & forbidden love with a side of comedy, you will surely like either one of these.