Ace wo Nerae!

TV (26 eps)
2.654 of 5 from 303 votes
Rank #4,682

Nishi High is known for its famous tennis program and its star female player Reika Ryuuzaki, nicknamed Madame Butterfly. This is her senior year and there is a flock of freshman girls joining the tennis team just to be close to their idol. One of these freshmen, Hiromi, is singled out by the new and mysterious coach; her dedication and natural talent catches his eye and leads him to make her a starting player. Hiromi's talent begins to develop into skill; and as she begins to gain the recognition of her peers, Reika's interest - as well as her jealousy - is piqued...

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kenikki's avatar
kenikki May 8, 2012
Score 2/10

Initially, it wasn't bad at all. As I started watching it, I was sitting in my room, delighted to see what would become the oldest anime in my 'watched library' (Macross now being #2). I giggled with it occasionally, and I laughed at it more than occasionally for it's hilariously outdated visuals and audio, and just how little the shoujo genre has evolved since the late '70s.

But then, after about 5 or... read more

DaVince's avatar
DaVince Feb 5, 2014
Score 10/10

First off, excuse the crude language that I'll start off with. I watched all of it. I fucking watched all of it. To anyone wanting to watch this series: it's bad. So bad it's good. Sure, the tennis matches hardly look like matches and not a single match can be fully watched and understood, but that's actually a good thing. The Good: It's so good because it's so bad. The intro and ending songs are... read more

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