Acchi Kocchi

Alt titles: Place to Place



AngelBeatsYui's avatar By AngelBeatsYui on May 6, 2014

Warning this review may contain spoilers-

So this is my review for the slice of life/romance/moe anime Acchi Kocchi. So lets get started...the story to start of is sweet and light-hearted. However was slightly random when you look at it. In the end it was you typical school life/slice of life animes. The animation was pretty simple when it came to character designs, however these designs fitted the style of anime it was so it was ok...

The music now, the opening was cute and like normal it fit the genre of the anime pretty well. The ending I didn't really listen to but when I did it was cute and like the opening it fit the genre quite well. The characters I was quite disappointed with, they were your typical characters...which was quite boring, their personalities were simple and just about all the characters were really undeveloped...however I don't think character development was the main focus.


Overall this was a very expected anime and it disappointed me in some areas but it is a good watch if you want something light to watch maybe after a more serious anime, I guess. But that finishes our very short review for Acchi Kocchi. In the end I gave it a 6/10!


6/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
EHero09's avatar By EHero09 on Jun 30, 2013

When I was talking about anime with a friend on Steam, he brought up the anime Acchi Kocchi. He recommended it for various reasons, the tsundere heroine being the main one. And with that, I sat back and got myself ready to watch some rom-com, even if I did have a bit of trouble to start off.


There isn't really much of a story for Acchi Kocchi. The heroine, Tsumiki, is in love with a guy called Io, but can't spit it out. Io is oblivious to her feelings. That's pretty much all there is to it.

As far as this anime goes, it's a rom-com slice of life, and I personally don't do well with slice of life anime. I find them to be somewhat slow and difficult to concentrate on.

The major highlight, besides the interesting relationship Tsumiki and Io have, is by far the comedy. Every episode had me laughing several times, even when I was in a terrible mood, and the supporting characters are often the source of this, whether it be Mayoi's crazy inventions or Sakaki's games.


The animation in this show seemed smooth and well done, especially regarding the games in the earlier episodes. Acchi Kocchi made Kick the Can unepectedly awesome; however, outside of the over-the-top games, there was nothing really special about the animation, at least not to me. It at least reaches the current animation status.


The BGMs for me were nothing too notable, but the opening will get stuck in your head if you listen to it too long; it's energetic and random, fitting with the anime's nature. The ending, like the BGM, was nothing too special and the voice actors suited their roles relatively nicely.


What really made this anime enjoyable were the characters. Tsumiki, in particular, was indeed one of the highlights, as she's mostly on the 'dere' side of the "tsundere" character type. Whenever she and Io were having a moment, it was adorable, but not too much so.

My favourite character, however, has to be Sakaki. His antics were always fun to watch, and his reactions in general were one of the better parts of the show for me.

Final thoughts

For me, Acchi Kocchi was a lot of fun to watch, and more or less met my expectations, if not surpassed them. I would recommend it exactly how I recommended K-On!: this anime would be a nice way to relax after a shounen action, and the comedy will wipe away your bad mood. At least, it did for me.

Story - 5.2

Animation - 7.5

Sound - 7.1

Characters - 6.2

Enjoyment - 8.0

FINAL SCORE - 6.8/10

5.2/10 story
7.5/10 animation
7.1/10 sound
6.2/10 characters
6.8/10 overall
Thrawn's avatar By Thrawn on Dec 16, 2012

Story: You know what? Skip the story. You aren't here for the overall thing and the most I know is "This adorable girl, so cute and adorable- likes this guy but is too shy and tsundere to confess. With their friends, since they hang out and all, hijinks ensue". See? It's the usual premise for a show about comedic hijinks based around a group of adolescent friends but it works. It's funny, it's heart stoppingly cute and pretty damn entertaining. For here, more on writing than actual plots.

The events they partake in, all the usual stuff; festivals, physicals, camping trip with that cabin they all stay in, has all the staples but it does it well and the manner it does it in is pretty spiffy. Turning a game of volleyball or air hockey into something awesome or mundane sutuations into something no sane person would do all adds to it and makes it more of a joking slapstick school comedy than just mere comedic school life fare. That sense of wackiness, ya know?

And those Kindergarden bits at the end, HOLY SHIT IT'S ADORABLE.

Animation: Oh good lord. Tsumiki, Tsumiki, Tsumiki. I cannot say it enough, she is so, so, ridiculously adorable. As a petite gal, she's cute, almost overwhelmingly so. But add in some cat ears, a cat tail and she becomes-

It should be illegal to be that cute.

Everything else is fine and dandy but not overwhelmingly detailed. It's real nice to look at and pretty charming in it's own right. Little visual quirks, constant cat smile with Mayoi, Io's awesome pen spinning, visual gags and those running visual gags make up for the easy-on-the-eyes animation.

Sound: I love my gratuitous English and this has it in good amounts. That snowball episode and Mayoi come to mind and the VO overall do a pretty dang good job. Verbal tics included, especially nya. The OP I adored and was... childish? Zany? Suited it at least, and it really worked for me but EP's not as memorable.

Characters: Tsumiki is the personification of moe. It's moe to the umpteenth degree that makes me squee and oh my god, it's so ridiculously adorable! So adorable. This show's not high on development but the characters are so lovable that it hardly matters. From the chaotic duo Sakaki and Mayoi to the stoic awesome of Io, the nose bleeding naive Hime and the rest, they sell the show and make it fun.

Overall: Ridiculously cute, fun, funny and an enjoyable school comedy with hints of romance and the lovable tsundere where everybody knows her crush but the object of her affections.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
VGCKenny's avatar By VGCKenny on Oct 5, 2012

Sometimes it's fruitful to take a step back and examine the basic workings of what we have come to accept. Like taking apart a cheeseburger to see just exactly what's in it and how much effort actually went into making it. Acchi Kocchi is a romantic-comedy without a gimmick. No dumb vampire lore, no petty revenge plot, no bullshit gynophobia problems, just she likes him, and she's coy about it and BAM! There's your anime.

Acchi Kocchi is the story of Tsumiki struggling to confess her crush on her friend Io. That's it. That's the whole extent of the plot. It presents itself as a sort of slice of life way, and that works pretty well. Tsumiki is a well defined character, and her shyness card is not the only one in her deck. She feels more like an actual human being, rather than a marionette going through the motions of a romcom. She takes herself seriously, and is incredibly strong, and yet she still lets her feminine side out whenever she can. Now, I have said before that I have a weakness for shy characters, and now is as good a time as any to explain why. Basically, there are three reasons. 1: I feel shyness is a good place to start to build character development. There are many ways to characterize shyness, whether it be eventually drawing them out or even just understanding what they're shy about. It presents a slew of never ending possibilities. 2: Shyness is a very relateable trait for many people, including myself. Most people have been shy in any number of situations, and I feel close to shy characters because I'm not very good at approaching people I don't know, or even people I do know at some times. 3: THEY'RE SO ADORABLE! Tsumiki provides great examples of all three. Her shyness characterizes her greatly, I could relate to her problems very well and SHE'S SO ADORABLE! Needless to say, she's the best character of the show.

The rest of the cast is pretty good too. Io is the oblivious love interest of the show. I will say, his characterization is slow going, but around episode 5 or 6 I think, his characterization gets really good and is characterized outside of an oblivious cool person who could get any girl he wants. Their friends are also pretty well-developed to the extent that they need to be as well. Hime is the confused nice girl who finds cuteness in anything she can. Sakaki is the guy who's all talk but is pretty much the buttmonkey of the whole group. Mayoi is the strange, enigmatic inventor of the group and the buttmonkey runner-up. Those three provide a good chunk of the humor in the series and they're all likeable to at least some extent.

The art is pretty good, but I feel it could have been better. It's not bad, I just feel it's trying too hard. The art is interestingly light and fluffy, but also just a tad unreal. I feel the art could have tried harder a little bit. It's still good and interesting and all, but it needs work.

The music does a good job fitting the mood. It matches the mood of the scene just right. It's nice and slow when it wants us to take it seriously, and it gets all loud and bombastic whenever something funny happens. Though, the opening is kind of not fitting. It's goofy and pop-y and just doesn't seem to match the show all the way. It's a good song, but I think the effort was mis-placed. The ending theme is very good though. It's nice, soft, and relaxing, just what you'd expect from this.

As for the voices, they do a great job at bringing out what we love about the cast. For each emotion that these characters have, the voice-actor finds a voice suitable for it. Everyone is perfectly cast and performs their character excellently.

The humor of the show is what I really like about Acchi Kocchi. It has some very great lively subtle humor. That portion of humor directly stems from the crush that Tsumiki has on Io. It's both adorable and really hilarious. However, Acchi Kocchi also has some humor that's about as subtle as a drunk clown at a rave. I think they could have used less of that though, and focus more on the subtle humor of it all. Still, to its credit, the non-subtle humor is still funny and doesn't take away from the subtle humor, and it does give Hime, Sakaki, and Mayoi more characterization. I think they focused more on that kind of humor because the creators weren't sure that the subtle humor alone could draw in as many viewers, and that's understandable. No matter what it is, there's always at least one member of the audience that can't understand something more complex than throwing a pie at someone's face, and designing something to draw in more of an audience is understandable, and it works in this case because it doesn't ruin any of the subtle humor that not everyone understands. The humor is very funny in either area and enjoyable.

Overall: Acchi Kocchi is a very good anime. The characters are great, the humor is funny, the production values are splendid and it's an overall enjoyable experience. It does have some flaws, but the good outweighs the bad tenfold. 8.7/10

8.6/10 story
8.5/10 animation
9.4/10 sound
9.3/10 characters
8.7/10 overall
KuroBladez's avatar By KuroBladez on Dec 31, 2014


Posting this review as part of my Secret Santa 2014 participation.

Acchi Kocchi has to be one of the cutest anime I've ever watched. It's story is practically non-existent and but that's perfectly fine because it's all about the characters here and it feels like Acchi Kocchi knows what it's trying to be and it does it well. There's no real romance here compared to other series like Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun or Ao Haru Ride but it's just full of cute moments. The story is basically this; A girl likes a boy but he is completely oblivious to her feelings so what do their best friends do? Have fun by always causing problems and teasing the two. 

The sound perfectly fits the style of Acchi Kocchi, there aren't really any memorable pieces of music aside from the amazing opening and the rest are just sound effects that you'd expect from your typical RomCom. 

The characters are the main reason to watch this anime especially how they interact with each other. You have Tsumiki who's probably one the cutest Tsundere characters I've seen and not the annoying kind either. Then you have Io, the guy Tsumiki likes, he's cool, calm, collected and the heart throb of every female character in this series, throughout the series he'll say things that tug on every females heart strings causing Tsumiki explode in pleasure. Next you have Io's best friend Sakaki, he's constantly in the line of abuse and no matter how many times I've seen him get hit by things accidentally or something bad happens I can't help but laugh. Next is Hime she's definitely the most innocent character here and often falls victim to Io's heart throbbing phrases which are generally instigated by Sakaki and Mayoi. Mayoi is without a shadow of a doubt the biggest stirrer in Io's and Tsumiki's non-existent relationship and is clearly the mad scientist of the bunch as she's constantly coming up with weird inventions and putting the strangest twists on the simplest kind of games which always lead to hilarious moments and outright misfortune for her and Sakaki.

So all in all Acchi Kocchi was a fun and enjoyable anime, the characters are the best part of this anime which is accompanied by amazing visuals and various sounds that work in the moment. The story is very episodic but really that's something I didn't really pay attention to while watching this anime as I always distracting by what the characters were saying and by what they were doing.

5/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
7.5/10 overall