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Alt title: Place to Place


Custom Lists

Top 10 romance animeby joseph213

This is my personal opinion and is in order of favourite to least favourite. Let me know what you think

Anime Challenge 2016by kamokude

Mostly for Summer, but my MAL challenge list.

Simple anime for beginnersby kajara

Simple anime to start with if you are new to the otaku world

starter animesby prab

you should watch this if you haven't watch anime, it's my opinion though, trust me.

My random anime challengeby TheDevilToufu

A whole list of anime my friends recommended me, I will do some reviewing after I finish each anime.

Kawaii Animeby Donyx

From Barely Kawaii to too much Kawaii

worst animes i've ever seenby BlancaXLobo

Everybody has watched some animes that, unfortuneatly, found awful. Not all animes are master works of art that are must watch, but those are pretty terribly written. The first ones has none any redeem qualities, only maybe some promising wasted...