Accel World

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In a world where everyone connects to an online network, pudgy Haruyuki Arita can't seem to catch a break. Constantly bullied, afraid to face reality and paranoid his two childhood friends pity him, the teenager uses online games as a way to escape his problems. But things change one day when Haruyuki's beautiful upperclassman Kuroyukihime approaches him with a mysterious time-decelerating program known as Brain Burst - there‘s just one catch. To keep the ability, he must defeat other Brain Burst wielders in Accel World, an exclusive, virtual MMORPG, and the newbie player will need all the help he can get. Eager to prove he's not a pathetic weakling, Haruyuki joins forces with Kuroyukihime to challenge fierce competitors and discover just how incredible Accel World and he truly are.


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CrazyAce01's avatar by CrazyAce01 on Sep 23, 2012
Score: 7/10

Story (7.3/10) Accel World started off with a serious bang. It couldn’t quite continue that bang through the entire 24 episodes, but it was certainly something to watch. Accel adheres to a standard shonen formula. Initially, Haruyuki, our protagonist, is more or less a loser, besides the fact that he is pretty good at video games. He is quickly thrust into a virtual world, an... read more

aznkevy's avatar by aznkevy on Dec 23, 2012
Score: 7/10

Accel World :D Story: A little fat boy whom was bullied constantly befriends the school's most stunning girl, he learns her dark secret. She made the biggest betrayal in this game which others take too seriously, and because they have to have had this device worn since birth, 15 year olds are the oldest players in this game. She was one of the 7 kings of the game (7 top... read more

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