A Wind Named Amnesia

Alt title: Kaze no Na wa Amnesia

Movie (1 ep x 80 min)
2.908 of 5 from 1,142 votes
Rank #3,854

At the height of civilization, mankind stretched its reach from the distant corners of the globe, to outer space. Man's fate took a turn for the worse when a sudden wind swept across the Earth, causing all human beings to lose every memory they owned, and in essence, their humanity. Now, in a primal world with no rules, one man must endeavor to survive, to discover the future of humankind.

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lacrymosai's avatar
lacrymosai Jan 20, 2017
Score 4/10

First of all, what the hell was the author thinking when he wrote the script?
The story begins somewhere near the end of the 20th century when we see a bunch of homelees guys sitting in a outside in a corner surouned by skyscrapers. They are soon attacked by a machine to which they fail answering it's question. The machine kills them and walks around until it meets the protagonist. From here starts the real... read more

lokieternal's avatar
lokieternal Oct 23, 2013
Score 6/10

Story relitively mediocre. Posta apocolyptic with one or two cyberpunk elements. I think my favorite character was the Guardian. The only reason I watched it untill the end was so that I could see if aliens, a secret orginization or a gov/military orginization did it on purpose or accident. I did not like how the lend left me dangling. characters enigmatic sophia who calmly accepts everything going on. How... read more

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