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A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

Alt titles: Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar, Chiccha na Yuki Tsukai Sugar

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2.783 out of 5 from 1,846 votes
Rank #3,173


Saga is an ordinary girl who lives her life by planning everything ahead of time. Unfortunately, having a waffle-loving Snow fairy called Sugar follow her home was not a part of these plans! Together with apprentice fairies Salt and Pepper, Sugar must find the 'twinkles' that will make their magical flowers blossom, thus turning them into fully fledged season fairies. The trouble is, none of them actually knows what a 'twinkle' is! And so, with help from Saga and other friends, the trio begin their search, whilst having fun and perfecting their magic along the way.

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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar Summer Specials TV Special 2003 Sequel

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar 2000 TBD
Name Role
Keiko KAWASHIMA Character Design
Shinichiro KIMURA Director
Shinkichi MITSUMUNE Music
Haruka AOI Original Manga Creator

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Title Author Score Date
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar angelsreviews 5/10 Aug 6, 2013
Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar angelsreviews 5/10 Aug 6, 2013
Chiccha na Yuki Tsukai Sugar angelsreviews 5/10 Aug 6, 2013
List Title Username Entries Date
Le mom safe anime Akikoshikata 64 Apr 13, 2014
anime order 10th rounds YamiRin 982 Jan 20, 2014
KAKAL's Top Ten Anime KeyAndKyoAniLover 10 Aug 6, 2013
mumblepeg watched A Little Snow Fairy Sugar at 24 of 24 episodes
Averyx dropped A Little Snow Fairy Sugar anime at 1 of 24 episodes
Averyx dropped A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
Davraena stalled A Little Snow Fairy Sugar at 1 of 24 episodes
animerulzsomuchhhh rated the A Little Snow Fairy Sugar anime 5/5 stars

Recommendations if you like A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

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Bottle Fairy

Bottle Fairy
  • TV (13 eps x 13 min)
  • 2003

Kururu, Chiriri, Sarara, and Hororo are four faries who aspire to become human. To do this, they leave the fairy world to study for a year in our world. Aided by their friends Sensei-san and Tama, they have fun learning about topics ranging from school graduation ceremonies and sports festivals to romance and caring for flowers. But as the end of the year of study approaches, will they have learned enough to realize their dreams?

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cute fairies who wants to learn about the human world? Sounds familiar? Then you should check out this one. It's pretty much a clone of Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar. You feel the cuteness flow from this series just like TSFS. Be sure to check this one out if you liked TSFS
They are fairies, they are cute as pie. Beyond that though, we follow a number of faries through the human world on a plethora of misadventures. If you loved one then the other will certainly find a place in your heart.
Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar and Bottle Fairy are both (as the name of the serie reveale it) about fairies. They're both really cute series but when in Tiny Snow there are a few painful feelings implied (a few, don't be afraid) Bottle Fairy is mainly funny adecdotes about the human world seen from the little one, and doesn't have a story to follow.

Both are super-cute series about fairies who come to this world to learn and have fun. In A Snow Fairy Sugar, Sugar, Salt and Pepper are training to become fully fledged season fairies. In Bottle Fairy, the fairies' ambition is to become human.


Both series have a very similar theme in ultra-cute fairies arriving in the human world to learn more about it. If one series makes you coo "Awwwww!" while smiling at the screen, chances are good the other will have the same effect!


Both of these shows center around a group of young fairies trying to learn about the world. Each day they learn something new about the human world. The fairies can only be seen by select people. The overall cuteness of these shows are off the charts. Girls, expecially younger ones, will love both these shows. The fairies also are all aiming for a goal (become human and become full season fairy). And of course, both are full of magic!


A Little Snow Fairy Sugar is very related to the fairy series, Bottle Fairy. Yet, they're good anime(s) and they both have fairies coming to the human world and learning things as they grow up with pride with the humans.

Shugo Chara!

Shugo Chara!

Hinamori Amu is a stylish punk rock girl who is liked and feared by her peers, but there's just one problem: she's actually a shy and quiet girl who can't seem to drop her self-fabricated facade! But when Amu finds three eggs in her bed, she had no idea her life would change forever. Out of the eggs pop Ran, Miki and Su, Amu's Guardian Charas; these being represent parts of Amu that she wishes she could be, even allowing Amu to transform into those parts at will! Now, with pressure from the other Guardians (including her crush, Hotori) to join their midst, dark sides of the psyche known as X Eggs to seal, and nefarious forces after a wish-granting egg known as the embryo, Amu's life has officially become more complicated!

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Just as the fairies of 'A Little Snow Fairy Sugar' must each find their own "twinkle" to become full-fledged fairies, so must the main character or Shugo Chara! find her own self with the help of her three Guardian Charas. Blessed with bright colors and fanciful personalities, any lover of 'A Little Snow Fairy Sugar' will be sure to adore Shugo Chara!


Shugo Chara and A Little Snow Fairy Sugar are amazing animes with good art, music, and characters. In both Shugo Chara and A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, the main characters are young girls that are about the same age, and they each have to deal with the antics of small fairy-like creatures. I think that anyone who likes Shugo Chara would like A Little Snow Fairy Sugar because they're both cute and fun shows.


both are alike in the way that they feature little fairy like creatures who appear out of know where into a young girls life not only that but the fairies also share a blatent disregard for the main characters feelings tword the subject.The main differnce is that shugo chara seems to follow more allong the story of the human whil snow fairy sugar focases on the fairies


These two anime are the same but reversed rolls. In Shugo Chara it's mostly about the magical girl searching for eggs with help from her fairy friends where in A Little Snow Fairy Sugar it's all about the fairies searching for a 'twinkle' with the help of their human friend. Check one out if you liked the other.


Both have little fairies following the main character and are enjoyable. In both anime there are nice music, for example in shugo chara's utau singing and ikuto violin. In A little snow fairy sugar, you have saga playing piano and each fairy is able to play at least one type of instrument. In both anime they are searching for a certain item, in shugo chara the embryo that can grant any wishes, and in snow fairy sugar the twinkle that can help the fairies become full fledge. And also, i find amu and saga look alike except they have different coloured hair. 

However in Shugo chara, the fairies are helping the main character to discover her true self. But in Snow fairy sugar, they are weather fairies and they play instruments to control the weather. 

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Pita Ten

Pita Ten

Tragedy struck Kotaro Higuchi as a child in the form of his mother's death in a car accident. But fate has a funny way of doing things, and years after the fact an angel-in-training named Misha decides to pay him a visit. Joined by his fellow elementary school students, and later by the nicest demon you'll ever meet, Kotaro and Misha will embark on a journey of laughs and love.


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Cute, cuddly, warm, fuzzy, are just a few of the feelings you get while watching either of these. If you didn't get enough of that "so cute you could cry" feeling from one then the other will definately fulfill you craving.
Both these extremely cute anime are done by the same studio and feature the same huge eyes, nonexistent noses, ultra cute characters, and humourous fun plots. Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar is about a cute and naive fairy and her fairy friends who comes to live with an obessively organized young school girl in a pseudo-Geramn town. Pita Ten is about a clueless angel living next to a Japanese 6th grader. Both of them are ultra cute, but Pita Ten is a little more grown up, as it focuses heavily on romance, albeit ultra cute puppy love kind of romance.

Pita-Ten and Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar start out the same way: a character with paranormal abilities shows up at the door and remains in the main character's life no matter how much they dislike it. The art style, the character personalities, and the colours are definitely the similar (same studio and creator), but best of all, you'll get that odd sensation that is fulfilling, almost tranquil, from both.

Yumeiro Pâtissière

Yumeiro Pâtissière

Fourteen-year-old Amano Ichigo is a would-be pâtissière who acquired her love of sweets from her late grandmother’s desserts. After meeting the talented Henri Lucas at a local sweets festa, Amano convinces her parents to let her attend the culinary Marie Academy so that she can fulfill her dream. However, as she’s only armed with a positive attitude and no real cooking skills, Amano quickly finds herself at the bottom of the class. Luckily, she soon meets Vanilla, a sweets spirit who’s here to help Amano reach her full potential. Alongside good friends such as Rumi and the three gorgeous Princes of Sweets, Amano will bake, mix and sift her way to the top!

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not rated
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A Little Snow Fairy and Yumeiro Patissiere are linked by the fairies and spirits. These little chibis help their person in order to reach their goal. Both animes are cute, fun, and equally enjoyable so go watch the other!


These two anime are the same but reversed rolls. In Yumeiro Patissiere it's mostly about the main girl trying to become the best cook she can be with help from her fairy friends where in A Little Snow Fairy Sugar it's all about the fairies searching for a 'twinkle' with the help of their human friend. Check one out if you liked the other.


Fairies! From the trouble makers in A Little Snow Fairy Sugar to the helpful ones in Yumeiro Patissiere, who wouldn't want to have a little fairy friend?

Both anime have big dreams, great comedy, and some touching moments as well. Yumeiro is aimed at a little bit older audience and has a tournament/culinary side to it as well. A Little Snow Fairy Sugar is more childish, but has a musical element that was enjoyable.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing
  • Movie (1 ep x 90 min)
  • 2006

Young Ai has decided to move away from home and start a new life on her own, and her travels take her to the colorful and friendly Animal Village! Upon her arrival, Ai is pushed into a job at the local shop (under the watchful eyes of Tanukichi); and in no time at all, she becomes friends with a variety of friendly and odd characters such as Bouquet the cat and Sally the elephant. As the seasons pass, Ai’s life remains a fun adventure – and one evening, she finds a mysterious message in a bottle telling her that if she plants a tree, on the night of the Winter Festival something mysterious will happen… what will it be?

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Both these shows are all about best friends, and adventures they share, with a few unexpected surprises thrown in! They're both really cute too. Most likely to be enjoyed by younger or female viewers.


Animal Crossing and A Little Snow Fairy Sugar are colorful, saccharine, and light-hearted series about friendship. Best suited for children.