Dog of Flanders

Alt title: Flanders no Inu

Movie (1 ep x 103 min)
4.161 of 5 from 484 votes
Rank #606

In 19th century Belgium, in the Flanders countryside, lived a young boy with an artistic flair named Nello, and his faithful companion Patrash. Though poor in the physical sense, the two friends shared a rich life along with Alois, one of Nello's neighbors, and his grandfather, his last living relative. Though great sorrow and hardship looms closely in the future, one thing is for certain, the devotion and companionship of Nello and Patrash will never fade...

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TheStampede01 May 5, 2012
Score 7/10

This movie is very depressing, I would say on the same level as Grave of the fireflies, if not more so. So if you don't want to be depressed and potentially cry buckets I highly suggest avoiding this. So does this movie have any worth aside from being an emotional tear jerker? Honestly, not much... its very apparant that the movie is trying to elicit a specific reaction from you and without that its just a... read more

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