8 Man After

OVA (4 eps x 25 min)
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Hazama is a private detective, who becomes fatally wounded in a run-of-the-mill case. In order to survive, Hazama is tranformed into the legendary cyborg 8Man -- to put an end to the cybernetically-enhanced criminals' wave of crime. But as the death count increases, Hazama soon begins to question how much of his real self is left, and if the emotionless 8Man he becomes is really in control...

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Shebes's avatar by Shebes on Mar 19, 2012
Score 8/10

8 Man After is a cyborg anime.  It is reminiscent of Robocop; however, the creation story of 8  Man isn't as cruel.  The world is futuristic, people are getting cyborg implants and commiting crimes.  The pinnacle of cyborgs, is one with a cybernetic brain but human personality.  The technology for the cyborg brain is top secret and the criminals on the street have yet to access it... read more

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