3 x 3 Eyes - Seima Densetsu

OVA (3 eps)
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It has been four years since Pai, a young girl born from a race of powerful creatures, disappeared without a trace. For Yakumo, Pai's love and Wu, reuniting with her is bittersweet -- for she has amnesia, and has no memory of her past. Now, with many enemies rising against them, Yakumo and Pai must strive to unlock the spell which seals her memory, so that she can defeat the evil Benares once and for all.

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Wyr3d's avatar by Wyr3d on Feb 24, 2013
Score: 9/10

Not a review, so much as a bit of clarification as to what's going on here. For those of you who are confused by all this, read the manga. :P

Naw, actually, the girl Yakamo loves is Pai, who was sealed by Oshio, the snake demon. Oshio did fall in love with Yakamo though, as her memory was also damaged, in that sealing.

In the manga, Oshio becomes a kind of rival to Pai in that respect, but... read more

roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Dec 24, 2011
Score: 5/10

NOTICE: This review involves the entire series, including its sequel, Densetsu.

3 x 3 Eyes is an old action/horror/drama series that involves a supernatural girl and an immortal male teenager in their quest to find a way to live a normal life. It was a nice thrill for the time it came out but after all these years I feel like it means a lot less than, let’s... read more

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