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10 Tokyo Warriors

Alt titles: Tokyo Juushouden

10 Tokyo Warriors
1.799 out of 5 from 310 votes
Rank #5,006


Several centuries ago, ten warriors combined their power to battle against the Demon King – a warrior of great power and evil. Though he was sealed away for all eternity, in present-day Tokyo that seal has begun to weaken, and lesser demons known as Kyouma have begun to appear. It’s up to the hesitant Juuto, leader Kyoshiro and the other reincarnated warriors to come to terms with their destinies and defeat the powers of evil once more.

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Name Role
Sawako YAMAMOTO Character Design
Keizo SHIMIZU Director
Noboru ISHIGURO Director
Hikaru TAKANASHI Director

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Everything cestlavie199 183 Nov 25, 2013
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CurtiLoweLove rated the 10 Tokyo Warriors anime 4/5 stars
CurtiLoweLove watched 10 Tokyo Warriors at 6 of 6 episodes
fatboymovin wants to watch 10 Tokyo Warriors
LeeCZ stalled 10 Tokyo Warriors
mazic watched 10 Tokyo Warriors at 6 of 6 episodes

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Kamui has returned to Tokyo with a traumatizing past, but he is not the only one. Many people are returning to Tokyo for the same reason: they play a part in the End of the World. The Dragons of Earth and the Dragons of Heaven now must fight for the destruction or safety of the world. But is this troubled Kamui really the key to saving the world?

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10 Tokyo Warriors is a ripoff of so many other titles that are so much better - one of which is X TV. If you liked the people of destiny coming together to save the world idea, definitely check out X TV, which is better in all ways.

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