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Teito Klein is a former slave who attends the Barsburg Empire's military academy. Having no memory of his past and the power to wield a rare ability called Zaiphon, Teito is constantly under the scrutiny of his peers - except for his best friend Mikage, the only person he connects with. After seeing and remembering the man who killed his father, Teito tries to kill him and finds himself on the run from Barsburg's military might. Now, with the evil beings known as Kor after his soul, the Barsburg Empire after his blood and only the legendary Seven Ghosts to protect him, Teito must unlock the memories of his past before he ends up as a sacrifice for Verloren, the sealed God of Death.

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related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
07-Ghost (Pilot)   TBD
07-Ghost 2005 Original Manga The anime covers chapters 1-25 of the manga.
07-Ghost: Children 2010 TBD
Name Role
Maki FUJII Character Design
Nobuhiro TAKAMOTO Director
Kotaro NAKAGAWA Music
Yuki AMEMIYA Original Manga Creator
Yukino ICHIHARA Original Manga Creator
Ayako KIMISHIMA Producer

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07-Ghost AngelBeatsYui 8/10 Mar 25, 2014
07-Ghost closetanimefan 8/10 Jan 25, 2014
07-Ghost tennis101101 8/10 Oct 17, 2013
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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

In 2010, the Britannian Empire enslaved Japan using powerful mecha known as Knightmares; in the aftermath Japan was renamed Area 11, and its people began a hard and terrible existence. Lelouch, a Britannian student living in Area 11, has grown up hating the Empire and everything it stands for. One day, in the middle of a terrorist attack, Lelouch meets a mysterious girl who grants him the ability to control minds. Can he use his new power to fight for freedom, or will his hatred twist his good intentions into mindless acts of vengeance?

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I admit, the only reason I started watching 07-Ghost was that the protagonist's costume kinda reminds me of Lelouch's; but what I wasn't expecting was that its plot was as compelling as Code Geass' itself! Both are interesting in that it hooks the watchers with different complexities the protagonists' struggle with throughout the entire show (or at least where i stopped in 07-Ghost since it just came out *sweatdrops*). If you enjoyed Code Geass, then you definitely have to watch 07-Ghost (or vice versa)


Ok, as yet there are no Mecha in 07-Ghost... nor, I think (at the time of posting), are there likely to be. That is, if Studio Deen aren't in the business of ruining plots.

So, now we've got that out of the way: I'd still recommend Code Geass to viewers who enjoyed/are enjoying 07-Ghost, and vice versa. As for the paralells between the two series... where does one begin?!

Both series have a powerful, heavily military-focussed "Empire" (Barsburg or Brittanian), trying to take over the world. Both have rampant imperialism, loyal-to-the-death soldiers, and so on, and this is a major theme. Additionally, both empires are portayed in a somewhat good light in the first episode, although this quickly changes- our protagonists fight the oppression, if in slightly different ways.

But other than the similarities between the content of the two series, I'd also recommend them based on the cliffhanger-type nature of the ending of each episode, and...

I'm trying to find a word for the general feel of them. It's not quite "feel-good", that would be wrong. But both anime certainly have their high points, their Crowning Moments of Awesome, and their heartfelt blows to the main characters when it all goes wrong. There's a real sense of empathy there, and above all, that's why I think you should watch this anime.


If you like Code Geass or 07 Ghost, you will probably find the other serie also very good. They have same kind of drawing-style, and same sort of main-character: a boy/man with some special powers. They both also have futuristical vehicles and a bit same kind of plot.


Ill begin with the obvious, which is that both anime have very beutiful and similar animation, throughout both you are hard press to find anything that isnt pleasing to look at.

Although 07-Ghost and Geass have some big differences between them, one being based on mecha, the other not, their are similarities with the general theme of their plot and do center greatly around their central characters.


The animation styles are very similar in both Code Geass and 07-ghost. The main characters have some strong similarities (clothing choices not withstanding), including a mysterious power. The intricate storylines are both enjoyable, and if you like one, you'll like the other.  


In both series, the protagonists struggle with an almighty empire that has played a significant role in their past.

The two have similar animation and powerful music that add to the scenes.


I think the similarities lie withing the combination of both being very serious but at the same time funny. Both have ver intereting characters which are also somewhat twisted within themselves. In both animes there are mysteries and riddles to be solved, though while in Code Geass we kind of watch a "negative" protagonist and in 7 Ghosts a "positive" one.

Both animes are high in their drawing qualities and are full of action. I may note that I loved the openings and endings of both a lit, too.

Differences: 7 Ghosts is playing in an anchient styled time & world while Code Geass is a very developed future.


If you liked 07-Ghost, you'll probably like Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. Both are very military-focused, and the storylines are both steeped in secrets, double-crossing and dodgy authority figures.

Also, the central characters are both young men, schooled in the confines of, or in close proximity to, a military setting. Both are disillusioned with their 'leaders', and are spurred forward to break ranks and dismantle the imbalance/corruption that their authority figure represents... at great risk to their lives.

Both have pasts which gradually reveal a great deal of the inner-workings of their journey, including childhood trauma and subsequent secrets.


Both 07 Ghost and code Geass are quite alike, they both follow the main lead who rebels against the empire in each of their respect series, creating a enemy of the empire and military.

That is the main point to each series but aside there we do have some other simularities, Both series are built around some form of supernatural (it does vary though). The big fun in each series is watching our characters "fight back" against the respective empires though.

If one of these series was something you enjoy im sure you might enjoy trying the other.

Pandora Hearts

Pandora Hearts

On the eve of nobleman Oz Bezarius's fifteenth birthday, he and his loved ones gather to celebrate in a coming-of-age ceremony. But after Oz steps under a long-stopped clock and the hands finally move once more - thus fulfilling a mysterious prophecy - he is violently thrown into the legendary prison known as the Abyss by three cloaked intruders. Existing in another dimension, the Abyss is home to lifeforms born within its walls known as Chains; these beings can only live in the real world if they make contracts with humans, binding their power to the person's body. However, there's a catch - in time, the human will be overcome by the Chain's power and then thrown into the deepest level of the Abyss. When Oz wakes up in the Abyss he is quickly attacked by hungry Chains, only to be saved by one named Alice - a Chain who appeared just before he was thrown into the prison. Together, the two make a contract and return to the real world, where they are enlisted into the Pandora organization - a group researching both the Abyss and the trio that threw Oz into it.  Along with members of Pandora, the duo searches to find Alice's lost memory fragments that are scattered throughout the world, to discover the secrets of the Abyss, and to determine if there's a way their contract can be broken without killing either Oz or Alice.

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For a first: Both PANDORA HEARTS and 07-GHOST both contain neat, classic modern-day anime style art. Art is of course a big factor, for those like me of course, who are picky about old-new anime styles or people who get annoyed because the clarity and 'cleanness' of an anime. 

Second: They both have good paced plots. Not too fast, not too slow.

Third: Both contain great, interesting and funny main characters. 

Last: They both involve mysterious powers, and have a certain focus on friendship and bonding.


If you liked 07-Ghost or Pandora Hearts, you'd like the other because they both have a storyline that just draws you in after each episode, they both also deal with the main characters trying to find their place in the world while helping others on their journey.


The animation styles are extremely similar, as well as the magical storyline. Utterly engrossing, both are slightly longer series that will entertain the viewer. With a dark plot line, comedy is also used sparingly with good effect.


They are very similar. They have that same dark atmosphere to each other, with the same comedy/humor. Male protagonists and development, the tone of both animes are very similar. 


The plots are very similar, yet different enough to clearly stand out as seperate. It doesn't feel like one is copying the other, but the theme of a determined young boy with a strange power caught in a battle bigger than himself runs in both. Both include a good balance of serious drama, action, and comedy moments between characters. The idea of journeying to find yourself also runs in both anime, as does an overall air of mystery due to memory loss.   


Both 07-Ghost and Pandora Hearts have a similar feel, darker with touches of light humor. The protagonists/plots are also very similar: lots of mysterious pasts and supernatural powers.



An akuma is a soul which has been brought back to life through sadness and despair with the powers of Millenium Earl. Their mission is to terrorize the earth and all who dwell within it. The Black Order is a group of Exorcists that have sworn to cleanse the souls of the akuma, and collect the substance known as "innocence". This powerful substance can be used as an anti-akuma weapon, and ultimately can help destroy the evil Millenium Earl. Allen Walker is a young Exorcist who has the ability to tell who is human and who is an akuma with the help of his cursed eye. Together with the Black Order, Allen must find all 109 pieces of innocence to protect the world and defeat Earl.

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Why D. gray man or 07 ghost?  well it's because in both 07 ghost and d. gray man the characters both have 2 conflicting forces inside them that grant them amazing power but will eventually destroy them over time.  With Allen from D. Gray man it's the 14th noah and his innocence and for Teioto from 07 ghost it's the demon Verloren and the archangel Mikhael.  Also the main characters both have a mysterious backround that they themselves don't even know.


these two animes both deal with magic, military, and the idea of finding oneself. allen in d gray man trys to understand his connection with the earl while tieto tries to remember his life. both deal with the church to some degreee and also deal with trying to protect that which is the most important to themselves. both have a lot of action and have similar anime styles. 


they both have this feeling that's similar, the aura is the same. It's dark, with light humor, they are extremely similar.


Both of these anime deals with similiar themes as well as being shounen -type animes. Both of the main characters have a similiar tragic past and as the storyline develops fragments of that past piece themselves together. They also both deal with religion in a similiar Mystic/Cabalesque fashion...as both the main characters possess and develop their unique abilities in accordance. Both main characters also belong or belonged to a militant like faction that aids them in developing their supernaural ability. The differences lie in the comradery aspect...Allen Walker, though often at odds with others in the "Black Order" for the most parrt he has a firm standing and a solid enough goal ...as well as being respected and developing close relationships with his comrades. Whereas things aren't so simple for Teito Klein...he went from a seemingly fragmented and tragic separation from his father as a young child- to becoming an elite soldier...only to find himself an escaped convict who is forced to look inside himself after having his trust betrayed time and time again...as he finds himself the center of a large conspiracy...that forces him to find out the truth about himself as he struggles to move forward not sure who to trust but finding a couple reluctant but for the first time..true and lasting friendships that give him the courage to face his past while preparing him for the seemingly impossible battles that await him. If your a fan of D.Gray-Man, though a very different feel at times, I honestly think you will appreciate 07-Ghost ...it takes a rather innovative approach while making it feel authentic, also has some very well developed characters that keep the pace driving forward...I am really looking forward to a sequel.


Two animes dealing with young men being the slavesof their pasts and their abilities. Both are going through a process of growing and learning about themselves. A mysterious and interestig fight between good and bad.

watch it online now!

No. 6

No. 6

Sion is intelligent, highly educated and lives a privileged life within the walls of No. 6, one of six city-states that was built after the world was destroyed from war. But Sion's comfortable existence changes forever when he meets Nezumi, an escaped convict, on the eve of his twelfth birthday. Due to his assistance in keeping Nezumi safe, Sion loses his rights and is forced to live in the lower town, where he becomes a normal citizen. Four years later, Sion finds himself back in Nezumi's company and in the midst of a dangerous conspiracy that leaves a trail of bodies in its wake. What is really going on in No. 6?

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07-Ghost and No.6 are both great series filled with futuristic stuff and with (heavy) shonen-ai undertones. They both have great characters and a good plot. They're also both about a boy who escaped.


Nice shounen-ai relationship between the two main male characters, very different setting and mood, anyway: no.6 is more mature and deep.


No. 6 and 07-Ghost both seem rather shounen-ai but it's never actually said. Both have great stories. I think if you enjoyed one you will enjoy the other.


It's good and it got alot of action in it, no.6 and 07-ghost were awesome all the fighting and stuff so if most anime's are like this I would like them like ellen lied

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Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist

Rin Okumura is a seemingly ordinary boy living at the Southern Cross Boys' Monastery. One day, however, Rin encounters a boy who has been possessed by a demon. Amidst the struggle, he not only awakens latent powers sealed within him, but also learns that he is the son of Satan! No longer able to stay under the protection of the church and with his very existence straddling the line between human and demon, Rin decides to fight against his parentage and joins the True Cross Order as an exorcist. Now, the teen must attend the True Cross Academy and begin special exorcist training alongside his new comrades all while keeping his identity a secret; but can the son of Satan really become a true exorcist?

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not rated
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Watching Ao no Exorcist, I got a strange sense I'd seen this scenario before, and then I remembered 07-Ghost. An orphan, with an extraordinary power locked away inside them, is suddenly thrust into a power stuggle between light and dark. Both Teito and Rin are unsure of their powers and this often leads to intense battle sequences. Both involve a church organization (priests or exorcists) which the protagonist joins in order to harness the power within him.


Both have similar feeling,  both deal with people who get involved in a "second" world!  So, I'd say just enjoy both, the story is similar as well!


07 ghost has demonic magic qualities that overflow in Blue Exorcist. Both are semi-serious with generous amounts of comedy thrown in at random times

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