AngelBeatsYui's avatar By AngelBeatsYui on Mar 25, 2014

Warning this review may contain spoilers-

07 ghost was something I wouldn't normally watch but it was recommended to me so that is how I started watching it. The series (even though it was only based on the earlier chapters) kept quite close to the manga, I like it when they do it this way. So overall the story was good, bearing in mind the manga wasn't as developed as it is today. The animation was alright, over average, in my opinion.

The soundtracks were amazing, the opening in particular really got me hooked when I started watching this series. To be honest with you I could tell that I was going to be good as soon as I heard the opening. The characters I thought would of been more developed if they had made a second series (but they didn't). (Mikage was my favourite).

The only real problem I had was the ending, they left it wide open for another series but they didn't use it to make another one which is disappointing. So in the end I recommend it but keep in mind that the ending is left open, this is when you have to read the manga (highly recommend both manga and anime).


8/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
brewster6's avatar By brewster6 on Oct 13, 2009

Not bad...I would prefer something not so religion-based, but considering that it was, they still made it interesting.

5/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
6/10 characters
4/10 overall
Spartan572's avatar By Spartan572 on Jun 26, 2010

07 Ghost is a solid anime with a very good character design and a good soundtrack.  The storyline is not the best I saw but it's solid and you want to know what happen next.

This is a really good anime for new or old anime fan...

8/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.8/10 overall
yuelio's avatar By yuelio on Jan 9, 2010

I must say that this anime isn't recommended for people who are expecting action. Its more like a gay story, condimented with some fun parts, a bit of melodramathic fight scenes, and a lot of drama and emotions. In my country, that would be a Tv soap... but its gay so nobody would see it.

I'm really sorry to say it cuz part of me liked this series (even if the manga is a bit better but much more chaotic). I'm a supporter of Mikage's and Teito's relationship. But, it doesn't improve the overall of the anime.


 Far as others see it, the story has a very interesting context. The war, the fight between the militia empire and the church, the interest for the power inside the eyes of angels and the legend of the seven servants of god, seven skull like spooky creatures. That's fine...

Then we have the story centered in some slave genius boy that works under the military. All his life based in lies and his only ever ray of light, is his best friend. Still interesting....

Then by some twist of fate he begins to discover the truth about himself and he escapes the military, finding sanctuary in a church district. Coincidently he will find help with 3 of the 7 servants of god. Keep going...

And.... that's it for now... 25 episodes of him living in church trying to discover a bit more of himself... yes the church has their own little dark secrets and obviously the military want him back so there's fights, and sometimes people die... and the story kind of does too... too slow for my taste but still I found some good moments.

If you like fantasy and drama this is your best shot... cuz there's a looooot of drama and whining and crying... but maybe its just so you can feel that anything moved in the end.


That's the good part, when there's fights, there's creativity in the styles of fighting and its well animated. When using their magics and techniques its quite fluid and flashy. The battles solve the problem of the chaotic style of the manga. 

The light is very well used and its an exploted source since there's some dawn/dusk, quiet night and underwater scenes. In Labrador's garden, one can really feel the warmth of the atmosphere. 


Yeah well the voices aren't the great thing. Teito sounds really like a girl who's giving her best effort to sound like a boy with a flu. All the other adults sound like porn movies or models, and the girls are the only voices I like... oh wait... XD there's almost just 3 

The soundtrack isn't that amazing... and even when I felt redeemed at the end's background battle scene... it was cut in the best moment.... so screw you music. 

The opening and the ending are not the great thing, but I personally love the soothness of the ending... the violins and the kind voice make a delicious peaceful combination. 


Just one word... Gay... all in their different moods and styles, there's gay teachers, gay pupils, gay friends, dominant gays, subordinate gays, gays pissed, gays sad and happy gays, so that's that... 

I like that every of them has some type of distinctive way of acting, all of them are somewhat lovable (even the bad guys) you can really feel someone is a bitch... well Ayanami... but that's another story... personally I love how Labrador looks like always under the effect of marihuana. 

8/10 story
9/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
KapiTezuka's avatar By KapiTezuka on Oct 22, 2009

07 ghost tries to start off with a bang as the main characters life is turned upside down by a resurfacing memory. Then, pretty much nothing happens for the next 7 episodes, except cheesy dialogue, lots of flashback and predictable character development. The rest of the series is mostly made up of random events strung together in some sort of a plot, issues being resolved only to torture the protagonist again later on.

Like this, the series slowly crawls to about episode 24 where all of a sudden all the sense, action and tension the 10 something episodes before that lacked are used up at once. Because of this, I might just watch at least the first episode of the second season that is most likely to come. But just maaaaybe. XD 

People talking about yaoi undertones: No. just no. There is a strong manly friendship between some of the characters, but it isn't of a romantic nature. Even when one character says he loves the other one, it's meant as his best friend.

The series is watchable, but please don't expect anything great or even good. I would have liked more depth, and stability in emotion, especially from the main character, who kept getting together his resolve and losing it in the brink of an eye. The political tension and maneuvering that was tried to infuse the story with at some point remained dull and uninspired. Also, the nun trio(pretty much the only females aside from the mermaid thing that just made nyuu noises most of the time) became increasingly annoying, bordering on the aggravating with their goody-goody god is so wonderful comments all the time.

One last thing: It would have been great if the mangaka or animation team would have picked up a german dictionary even once. As a native speaker,when one of the main characters(Frau) is being pretty bad-ass, or teaching the main character something important, and then his name is said, which means woman, or more commonly used, wife, this just ruins the moment and makes it hard taking what is happening seriously. More ridiculous names like countries called "answer" and "soul" show that no attention whatsoever was paid to this.

Overall, watch it if you have to, it's not a complete waste of time, but there are way better things out there, like D-Gray.Man if you're looking for something better with a similar feel to it. The manga is a good tip as well.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
3.5/10 overall