Alt titles: Zero Zero Nine One

TV (12 eps)
2.256 out of 5 from 1,646 votes
Rank #4,803

In an alternate version of Earth, the Cold War is still in effect after 140 years. The world has been divided into the East and West Bloc, each with powerful organizations and assassins running the show. Agent Mylene Hoffman is as sexy as she is deadly, and while she isn’t bedding with the enemy, she works for Western Bloc’s elite Zero Zero organization as a top-rate spy. With assassins at every turn and an unending war on the horizon, Mylene will use her wiles to charm and kill the enemy – all without breaking a nail!

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roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Dec 22, 2011
Score: 5/10

009-1 is an action/drama series, which tries to rekindle the spark of the Old School way of drawing. It has a sixties feeling to it, boosted with modern day flashy graphics.

Based on an old title by the now deceased Shotaro Ishinomori (mostly famous for his Kamen Rider and Ultraman live action series), it has been animated by the homonymous company he left... read more

cherrywolfchan's avatar by cherrywolfchan on Aug 22, 2010
Score: 6.5/10

In a world where the cold war never ended, sides are split into western and easten blocs. Admist it all, one particular spy- Mylene Hoffman, aka 009-1, is one of the top elite, but is also questioned on where her real loyalities lie. Is there something more to 9-1 than meets the eye? Story -6/10Story-wise, 009-1 isn't lacking. I love stories that talk about humans and robots. Heck, humans with "insert... read more

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